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A cryptocurrency index made up of the 50 most popular tokens based on market cap. The index is made up exclusively of tokens (not currencies) in order to better represent the health of the ICO and token market.

Avg Token Price: $21.55

Change from yesterday’s close: 18.67% The price of $21.55 represents the average price of token in the Coinist 50 index.

24 Hour Price Change: 6.45% 24 Hour Avg Volume: 74558728 Avg Market Cap: 575931147


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february, 2018

11dec(dec 11)3:29 am31mar(mar 31)3:29 amFeatured4th BlockchainHolds all the ledgers in 3 dimensional space


february, 2018

24feb(feb 24)12:00 am24mar(mar 24)12:00 amTV-TWO Token SaleTHE DECENTRALIZED TV ECOSYSTEM. EARN CRYPTO WATCHING TV

27feb(feb 27)12:00 am24apr(apr 24)12:00 amGron Digital Token Salesmart wallet for lucrative industry

28feb(feb 28)12:00 am05mar(mar 5)12:00 amIP Exchange Token SaleMeet IP Exchange. Distributed network layer.

28feb(feb 28)12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 amGalaxy eSolutions Token SaleHybrid eCommerce ecosystem on blockchain


february, 2018

16nov01mare-Chat Token SaleBlockchain-based decentralized secure messenger and fastest-growing social network

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am28feb(feb 28)12:00 amSynthium Health Token SaleTransforming Healthcare Supply Chain… One Member at a Time

27nov(nov 27)2:49 pm26feb(feb 26)2:49 pmHoqu Token SaleHOQU - The world's first Decentralized Affiliate Platform

28nov(nov 28)11:49 pm18apr(apr 18)11:49 pmWorld WiFi Token SaleNetwork will be based on privately owned routers

04dec(dec 4)12:00 am15mar(mar 15)12:00 amTOKIA Token SaleTOKIA ICO: Forever free Cryptocurrency exchange

07dec(dec 7)12:00 am25feb(feb 25)12:00 amDebitum Network Token SaleDebitum Network: Borderless small business financing.

11dec(dec 11)3:29 am31mar(mar 31)3:29 amFeatured4th BlockchainHolds all the ledgers in 3 dimensional space

20dec(dec 20)12:00 am28feb(feb 28)12:00 amTokenStars Token SaleTHE FIRST CELEBRITY MANAGEMENT PLATFORM ON BLOCKCHAIN

01jan12:00 am28feb(feb 28)12:00 amLuven Token Saleunique cancer diagnostic technology to save millions of lives

01jan5:19 am01aug5:19 amMetaTipTransparent and faster transactions Metaverse


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