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A cryptocurrency index made up of the 50 most popular tokens based on market cap. The index is made up exclusively of tokens (not currencies) in order to better represent the health of the ICO and token market.

Avg Token Price: $15.95

Change from yesterday’s close: -2.12% The price of $15.95 represents the average price of token in the Coinist 50 index.

24 Hour Price Change: 10.00% 24 Hour Avg Volume: 77167870 Avg Market Cap: 486055633


Below you will see the list of all upcoming ICOs. You can view our full list of ICOs by looking at our comprehensive monthly ICO calendar. You can also search through our categorized  upcoming ICO calendar or ongoing ICO calendar. Alternatively, you can browse through our searchable ICO directory.

march, 2018

11dec(dec 11)3:29 am31mar(mar 31)3:29 amFeatured4th BlockchainHolds all the ledgers in 3 dimensional space

21mar(mar 21)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amFeaturedRobotina Token SaleEMPOWERING PEOPLE. Community means power, savings, and security


march, 2018

25mar(mar 25)12:00 am15may(may 15)12:00 amFIC Network Token SaleFixed Income Infrastructure for Blockchain Assets

26mar(mar 26)11:59 pm24apr(apr 24)11:59 pmICO HeadStart Token SaleHandpicked & Audited companies 100% Profit Sharing Community

31mar(mar 31)12:00 am18may(may 18)12:00 amNauticus Token SaleOne coin for six global banking and eCommerce solutions


march, 2018

28nov(nov 28)11:49 pm18apr(apr 18)11:49 pmWorld WiFi Token SaleNetwork will be based on privately owned routers

11dec(dec 11)3:29 am31mar(mar 31)3:29 amFeatured4th BlockchainHolds all the ledgers in 3 dimensional space

01jan5:19 am01aug5:19 amMetaTipTransparent and faster transactions Metaverse

26jan(jan 26)12:00 am26jun(jun 26)12:00 amAworker Token SaleBlockchain Platform for the Recruitment Industry

30jan(jan 30)12:00 am30jul(jul 30)12:00 amDarico Token SaleYOUR EASY-ACCESS GATEWAY TO SAFER CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT

01feb12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 amCrowdstart Capital Token SaleCrowdstart Capital (CSC): A Blockchain technology accelerator

05feb(feb 5)12:00 am09apr(apr 9)12:00 amVLB Token SaleThe 1st Global Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain

05feb(feb 5)12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 amSHIFT.cash Token SaleShift your car title into cash!

12feb(feb 12)12:00 am28mar(mar 28)12:00 amRate Date Token SaleWe will change the online dating industry!

21feb(feb 21)12:00 am19may(may 19)12:00 amSolve.Care Token SaleDecentralized platform for coordination and administration of healthcare


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