BITSMO Announce Launch of Unique Crypto Exchange Platform Community, the “BCN”

BCN – “BITSMO Community Network”

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The Bitsmo Crypto Exchange platform is the first crypto market connected with over 30 of the most famous exchanges. They aim to unite the world through blockchain, as well as connect users to the best prices in the crypto market. The term BCN is a new acronym that we’ve created to emphasize our key feature. In order to create a better interactive community, we focused on integrating users and current exchanges for better communication. BCN allows anyone in the community to interact with the crypto-market by increasing their liquidity while decreasing their volatility.

August 1st, 2018 – Start-up BCN “Crypto Exchange Platform,” Bitsmo is proud to announce the launch of its all-in-one digital currency exchanging platform. The Bitsmo platform is more secure and faster than most and is currently the only one that is connected to over 30 other exchange platforms.

The Bitsmo crypto exchange token sale has started on July 25 and is expected to end on October 14. Its predicted soft cap and hard cap values are between $3m and $20m respectively.

The Bitsmo platform provides its users with the best price available amongst 30+ exchanges thus maximizing their profit. Through its deep order books, BCN enables its users to get the best selling or buying price in the crypto market. When it comes to transactions, the Bitsmo matching engine is capable of processing close to 10 MM transactions per second, making it one of the fastest operating crypto exchanges on the market.

“BITSMO’s matching engine is capable of processing close to 10 MM transaction per second which is 10 times faster than any other exchangers marking our platform the fastest in the current market,” said the spokesperson of Bitsmo, while talking about the company.

“BITSMO’s platform is connected with 30+ of the most popular exchanges to connect you to the best price in the crypto market, in other words, we provide deep order books enabling Bitsmo’s user to get the best selling or buying price in the market” he added.

The BCN platform is a fully regulated exchange platform that features KYC and AML processes implemented via in-house procedures or integration of third-parties. Users would express that by using this platform there would be no more complicated transfers between FIAT money and cryptocurrency.

Bitsmo’s connections to crypto-friendly banking institutions will allow its users to use their credit or debit card to make easy and direct coin transfers on the platform.

BCN also uses the most advanced security protection used by NSA, CIA, and NASA, and store majority of their funds in ‘cold’ storage. Bitsmo has employed with the best company with the highest security over keeping the data safe — the Modulus and Bitgo.

Some of the numerous benefits of using Bitsmo include:

  • 40% discount on trading fees by using BTSM coin.
  • 25% of the transactions fees goes to BTSM coin holders weekly.
  • 10% of the transaction fees buy back BTSM coin monthly.
  • 3% of the transaction fees go to charity.

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