Bitzon – Enabling Sellers to Seamlessly Enter the International Consumable Market

Bitzon is a decentralized platform that offers a scalable solution for small and medium scale enterprises to grow. Bitzon is built within the blockchain technology with an aim to allow buyers and sellers to obtain maximum benefit out of the e-commerce ecosystem.

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With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, there have been significant advancements in the e-commerce industry. From conglomerates to small businesses, everyone is working towards making a strong digital presence to thrive in the global market. However, huge capital investment, lack of reliability, and high dependency on technical efficiency, often makes this transformation a challenge for small and medium scale businesses. Moreover, with only a limited number of products to display online, half of the revenue earned by small online businesses is consumed by sales and overhead costs. Consequently, they are left with no resources or opportunities to expand their horizons.

Comprehending the aforementioned challenges, Bitzon is a decentralized platform that offers a scalable solution for small and medium scale enterprises to grow. Bitzon is built within the blockchain technology with an aim to allow buyers and sellers to obtain maximum benefit out of the e-commerce ecosystem. Additionally, it offers several coins, tokens, and credit options for users to trade in, thereby providing flexible transactions.

A Reliable Platform for Buyers and Sellers 

With Bitzon, sellers get an extensive platform to showcase their products on the international market in a cost-effective manner. They have to pay a monthly subscription fees in return to enjoy the services of the network. Additionally, sellers also have the option to choose any listed currency to receive their payments. As for the buyers, they are provided with a plethora of bespoke items from millions of sellers across the globe. The network guarantees quality items that match the product description given on the platform to precision.

While there are many trading currency options, when customers select the BITZON token to complete their transaction, they are awarded incentives, for e.g., when they make a purchase using BITZON tokens, they are awarded a lifetime discount of 10% on all future purchases. Moreover, when sellers accept BITZON tokens as a mode of payment, they get a 50% waiver on their monthly subscription fee, and are also excused of the exchange fees charged by the platform.

Initial Coin Offering

Bitzon’s coin offering was launched on September 1st, 2018. 65% of the entire distribution is offered for sale, 10% is distributed amongst partners and advisors, 13% is shared amongst the project, 8% is contributed towards bonus and reserve, and the remaining is added toward bounties.

Post completion of the token sale, BITZON tokens can be purchased and sold with ease on different cryptocurrency trading marketplaces. The team plans to launch the currency on more than 12 international cryptocurrency trading platforms, thereby allowing the users to exchange these tokens for any liquid cryptocurrency.

52% of the sales proceeds will be utilized for branding and marketing, 14% will be contributed towards infrastructure development, 5% will be used to cover legal and financial overheads, 3% will be contributed towards bounties and overheads, and 3% will be reserved for gift code inventory.

Helping Small Business Flourish in the Global Digital Marketplace

Bitzon platform is a decentralized network that envisions to offer a scalable and extensive marketplace for small businesses to flourish in the e-commerce landscape. It provides these firms a cost-effective entry to the international consumable market, hence rendering them with an opportunity to make an impact in the global market. By providing an easy interface and effective functionalities, Bitzon platform envisions to create a reliable ecosystem for small businesses to grow in the competitive global market!

Bitzon Airdrop

With an aim to promote Bitzon network on a large scale, the creators are conducting a Bitzon Airdrop. Through the Airdrop, the platform provides 30 Million coins to the users who are willing to promote Bitzon on typeform or social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.


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