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What is Lisk And What Can It Do?

COINIST PRESENTS... What is Lisk And What Can It Do? Lisk often shrugs off comparisons to Ethereum. However, Ethereum’s influence on the team is indisputable. Charles Hoskinson, ex-CEO of Ethereum, and Steven Nerayoff, a prominent former Ethereum advisor,...

How DAF’s Work: Decentralized Autonomous Funds

Buying NPX tokens will allow you to be part of the first crypto asset manager linking fiat and crypto investment universe. At the end, it will offer the major perspective to bring scalability to crypto investment solutions while reinforcing the crypto world transferring value from fiat to crypto universe.

Imagine A Future With Open Markets

COINIST PRESENTS... IMAGINE A FUTURE WITH OPEN MARKETS "Although we say we want to disrupt the banking system, we have to face the reality – it is the banks that control the modern financial system. We want to change that, but the transition should be...

Cloud Storage On The Blockchain

COINIST PRESENTS... Cloud Storage Service On The Blockchain. StorJ has taken a lot of heat lately; a quick scroll through the Reddit page reveals users complaining about technical uses and griping about the company’s lack of progress. Perhaps the StorJ...

Civic’s ICO Success

COINIST PRESENTS... Identity Protection On The Blockchain. Likely, the biggest problem facing Civic is its legal ambitions. Privacy, security, and compliance laws vary drastically from country to country. China just recently cracked down heavily on ICOs....

How To Run A Decentralized Company

Aragon was built around the idea that business shouldn’t be restricted. Too often, governments and red tape strangle prospective companies. Aragon provides a platform to create and run a company on the Ethereum network.

The First Decentralized Art Gallery

COINIST PRESENTS... The First Decentralized Art Gallery Now everyone in the world can acquire fractions of artworks as an investment, which can then be traded in a fine art exchange to other investors. In this aspect, Maecenas acts as a sort of NASDAQ for...

Multiplayer Online RPG Running On Blockchain

COINIST PRESENTS… Massively multiplayer means that there’s hundreds and thousands of players in the game at the same time, and every player can communicate, trade or fight with someone else. You don’t always play against computer, it’s other people, real people, which makes experience breathtakingly unique.


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