Cyber Capital Invest- A Reliable Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Cyber Capital Invest is a platform that offers an easy-to-use and effective network for users across the globe.

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Presently, the cryptocurrency trading’s global market dominance stands at a persuasive 58%. This number clearly signifies the notable advancement of the cryptocurrency marketplace since its inception. While the adoption has been impressive, many are yet to comprehend the uncertainty of this domain. Very often, their desire to trade in the cryptocurrency marketplace is hindered by the volatility of the market and their lack of knowledge in this domain. This results in traders incurring hefty losses, which dissuades them from further investing in this profitable venture.

Identifying this challenge, Cyber Capital Invest is a platform that offers an easy-to-use and effective network for users across the globe, to help increase the chance of profits. The platform provides a team of cryptocurrency trading experts with an extensive knowledge of the domain, who perform the trade on behalf of the users, thereby increasing the chances of a positive return on investment.

How Does Cyber Capital Invest Function?

The trading process is a simple registration of a user account on the platform. Further, depending on the investment amount and investment time span, users are provided with different access levels. There are three levels categorized as the following:-

  • Basic Level- It has lower withdrawal limits and requires no verification or KYC

  • Silver Level- It has no withdrawal limit and requires photo ID verification

  • Gold Level- It has no withdrawal limit and needs full verification

The access level that users opt for determines the insurance they are entitled to avail. That is:-

  • Basic Level- Insured up to USD 1000 + 10% profit

  • Silver Level- Insured up to USD 10,000 +10% profit

  • Gold Access Level- Insured up to USD 100, 000 + 10% profit

The additional profit generated by users apart from the agreed profit margins is further distributed between:-

  • Traders

  • Operating Budgets

  • Token Holders (30%)

  • Trading Capital Pot Increase

Cyber Capital Invest Tokens

CCI tokens are basically security tokens that act as a profit-sharing asset for the token holders. The token holders are provided with a dashboard where important details are displayed that includes the following:-

  • Token Quantity

  • The market rate of the token

  • Token in circulation

  • Earning statement

  • Amount of purchased tokens.

Token holders get their profit share credited to respective accounts on a weekly basis, and post completion of the crowd sale, the unsold tokens are burned. Moreover, token holders can buy and sell CCI tokens in exchange for money on the platform. The CCI token is also added to leading cryptocurrency exchange markets, which means, users can exchange their tokens for other currencies.

Reserve Trading Capital

Contrary to other investment funding platforms that rely on new investments, Cyber Capital Invest maintains a reserve trading capital that serves the following objectives:-

  • Underwriting user insurance policies, which is subjected to independent auditing that is  performed quarterly. The audit reports are published in the public domain

  • It acts as a financial guarantor for providing users with fixed profit margins that have been laid out in the investment plans.

  • It guarantees token holders a healthy profit share for their investment

Cyber Capital Invest allows users irrespective of their experience in the cryptocurrency domain to trade. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface and a team of experts that trade on behalf of the users, which makes it a secure network for individuals who lack the know-how and experience to juice out potential profits from this market.


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