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december, 2018












































12mar(mar 12)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amLeon's Coin Token SaleLeon's Coin: CHANGING THE GAME ALREADY

03sep(sep 3)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amDominium Token SaleDecentralised property management platform

18sep(sep 18)12:00 am18dec(dec 18)12:00 amRe:factor Token SaleNew asset in global crypto economy

23sep(sep 23)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amYINC Token SaleA New Way To Hire And Trust Vendors Online

30sep(sep 30)12:00 am30dec(dec 30)12:00 amZED Token SaleGlobal platform for Money Transfer Operators

01oct(oct 1)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amDeneum Token SaleUltra low-cost renewable electricity that saves billions of dollars

01oct(oct 1)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amNeuromachine Token SaleManaging your crypto-currency assets has never been so convenient

01oct(oct 1)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amOPN Platform Token Saledecentralized ecosystem for high growth packaging industry participants and related services

01oct(oct 1)12:00 am30dec(dec 30)12:00 amSelfieYo Token SaleLocation-Based Social Network Cryptocurrency

04oct(oct 4)12:00 am27dec(dec 27)12:00 amFITX Token Saleconsolidation of the stock and crypto-currency markets

13oct(oct 13)12:00 am14dec11:59 pmAceso Token SaleUser to user cyber threat intelligence

14oct12:00 am16dec(dec 16)12:00 amiTrue Token SaleBiometric Identity for Decentralized Web

15oct(oct 15)12:00 am16jan(jan 16)12:00 amHelix3 Token SaleThe Future of Health and Wellness using Blockchain

18oct(oct 18)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amFarm2Kitchen Token SaleFood Delivery Just Got Smarter!

20oct(oct 20)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amMonoreto Token SaleWe are creating a social network with monetization of likes

21oct(oct 21)12:00 am20jan(jan 20)12:00 amDein Anteil Token SaleWE ARE REVOLUTIONARY. WE MAKE REAL ESTATE EASIER.

22oct(oct 22)12:00 am17dec(dec 17)12:00 amEZ Exchange Token SaleCrypto for all. Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency.

22oct(oct 22)12:00 am21dec(dec 21)12:00 amQuizando Token SaleOur platform will revolutionise the influencer world. Forever.

23oct(oct 23)12:00 am23dec(dec 23)12:00 amCoingrid Token SaleWe’re building the friendliest, most easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange.

28oct(oct 28)12:00 am27jan(jan 27)12:00 amBetec Token SaleSimple and safe betting between people practically on anything, anytime.

29oct(oct 29)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amFesty Token SaleThe Future of Blockchain Payments & Ticketing

29oct(oct 29)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amLendLedger Token SaleThe first open network to solve trillion-dollar credit gaps.

30oct(oct 30)12:00 am28dec(dec 28)12:00 amAllSporter Token SaleDecentralized Peer-to-peer Marketplace

01nov(nov 1)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amEmusic Token SaleRedefining Music Distribution Through Blockchain

01nov(nov 1)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amExpercoin Token SaleProtocol for AI-powered Learning Economies and Marketplaces

01nov(nov 1)12:00 am01mar(mar 1)12:00 amAeternum Token SaleWorld's First Science and Intellectual Property driven ICO

01nov(nov 1)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amDepository Network Token SaleThe World’s First Decentralized Multi-Platform Collateral Infrastructure

05nov(nov 5)12:00 am23dec(dec 23)12:00 amBonafi Token SaleAuthenticating the Supply Chain Using Blockchain Technology

05nov(nov 5)12:00 am28apr(apr 28)12:00 amTheFund.io Token SaleINVESTING TRADITIONS IN TECHNOLOGIES

05nov(nov 5)12:00 am14dec11:59 pmArtPro Token SaleThe Art of Blockchain. Buy. Sell. Trust.

07nov(nov 7)11:59 pm25jan(jan 25)11:59 pmDESICO Token Saleworld’s first platform to issue, buy, and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law

13nov(nov 13)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amhealthbank Token SaleTHE LEADING HEALTH DATA HUB FOR THE 21ST CENTURY

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am19jan(jan 19)12:00 amLynked.World Token SaleLynked.World: Solving Real Life Problems

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am30jun(jun 30)12:00 amBitCanna Token SaleHave a look at what the future of cannabis payments is going to be.

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15jan(jan 15)12:00 amPetlife Token SaleWe unite veterinarians and pet owners with the telemedicine and the blockchain technology

15nov14decVirtual Rehab Token SalePsychological Rehabilitation For Vulnerable Populations

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am04mar(mar 4)12:00 amWinnest Token SaleCreating the worlds leading collaborative marketplace

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amSID Token SaleSID Token: Share Internet Data

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amNHCT Token SaleMaking Healthcare more Efficient

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amDNAtix Token SaleA GENETIC BLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM

19nov(nov 19)12:00 am23dec(dec 23)12:00 amCDRX Token SaleTrade Equities and Bonds as Securitised Tokens

19nov(nov 19)12:00 am16dec(dec 16)12:00 amTokedo Token SaleMake Cryptocurrency Mainstream

19nov(nov 19)12:00 am10may(may 10)12:00 amBehaviourExchange Token SaleBecome part of the online revolution!

20nov(nov 20)12:00 am18dec(dec 18)12:00 amEthicHub Token Saleconnects lenders with profitable small farming communities around the globe

20nov(nov 20)12:00 am21dec(dec 21)12:00 amOnam Token SaleGlobalizing Seamless Trading in One Platform

20nov(nov 20)12:00 am20jan(jan 20)12:00 amRYFTS Token SaleDecentralized raffle platform based on ethereum smart contracts

20nov(nov 20)12:00 am20jan(jan 20)12:00 amTerra Virtua Token Sale first fully immersive, blockchain-driven VR entertainment Platform

21nov(nov 21)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amFinanceX Token SaleTrade cryptocurrencies with any fiat, using any payment method, anywhere in the world

23nov(nov 23)12:00 am23dec(dec 23)12:00 amRepublia Token SaleREPUBLIA — FASTEST BLOCKCHAIN IN THE WORLD

26nov(nov 26)12:00 am28jan(jan 28)12:00 amMoozicore Token SaleWORLD’S FIRST MUSIC STREAMING SERVICE ON BLOCKCHAIN

26nov(nov 26)12:00 am26jan(jan 26)12:00 amInnovaMinex Token Sale#1 Blockchain in precious metal mines

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am22jan(jan 22)12:00 amONe Social Network Token SaleONe Social Network. Bringing it all Together!

29nov(nov 29)12:00 am19dec(dec 19)12:00 amElements Estates Token SaleToken of Your Real Estate Opportunity

29nov(nov 29)12:00 am29jan(jan 29)12:00 amEqwity Token SaleDiscover the ICO.E the New Ico Standard


30nov(nov 30)12:00 am30dec(dec 30)12:00 amCRYPTTO Token SaleQUANTITATIVE HIGH-FREQUENCY TRADING PLATFORM

30nov(nov 30)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amVenus Token SaleBlockchain meets social network

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amAzbit Token SaleAll financial instruments with all kinds of assets in one platform.

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am31(dec 31)12:00 amCoinFast Token SaleWorld’s First Decentralized ICO Platform

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amBuying.com Token SaleEACH INDIVIDUAL WILL HAVE THE BUYING POWER OF MILLIONS IN THE PALM OF THEIR HANDS!

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amNWPSolution Token SaleThe easy way to manage your health online.

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am31(dec 31)12:00 amAmmeris Platform Token SaleBreaking down the boundaries between the world of business and blockchain.

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am31(dec 31)12:00 amAntiHACK.me Token SaleBlockchain-Powered Hacker Network and AI-Driven Secured Hacker Testing Environment

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am21(dec 21)12:00 amMambocoin Token SaleA CURRENCY THAT ERASES BOUNDARIES OF E-COMMERCE

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am30(dec 30)12:00 amIDAC Token SaleInternational Disability Assistance Chain

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amMinedBlock Token SaleMinedBlock Token Sale: Mining as a Service

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am28mar(mar 28)12:00 amGric Token SaleCryptocurrency with a true future

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amPantercon Token SaleSTART YOUR IDEA WITH THE PANTER

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amBlooCYS Token SaleBlooCYS Token Sale: Experts at your Fingertips

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am12jan(jan 12)12:00 amBCoin.sg Token SaleLEADING DIGITAL ASSEST EXCHANGE FOR THE TOKENIZED ECONOMY

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am15jan(jan 15)12:00 amEndChain Token SaleComplete logistical solution for all markets and supply chains

01dec(dec 1)12:00 am28feb(feb 28)12:00 amBittrace Token SaleBittrace - De-Centralised Payment Network Services

02dec(dec 2)12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 amVogoV Token SaleDecentralized Porn Studio in Hollywood with a Unified Adult-Industry Cryptocurrency

03dec(dec 3)12:00 am30(dec 30)12:00 amIntrachain Token SaleThe World's First Process Mining Software with Integrated Blockchain

03dec(dec 3)12:00 am01apr(apr 1)12:00 amSecurypto Token SaleMonetizing blockchain based anonymous Encrypted data transfer & storage

05dec(dec 5)12:00 am05jan(jan 5)12:00 amLightstreams Token SalePowering the New Economy of the Distributed Web

10dec(dec 10)12:00 am31(dec 31)12:00 amiCumulate Token SaleInvesting in the Future Together

10dec(dec 10)12:00 am11feb(feb 11)12:00 amInflr Token Saleconnects advertisers to influencers with the

11dec(dec 11)12:00 am(dec 11)12:00 amViewo Token SaleA REVOLUTIONARY VIDEO SHARING PLATFORM

12dec(dec 12)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amCustomCoin Token SaleINVESTMENTS IN THE CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS OF SWITZERLAND

12dec(dec 12)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amSpiking Token SaleGet The Power of 1,000 Whales In Your Wallet

14dec13aprFidelity House Token SaleWhere your contents become tokens

14dec12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amMycro Token SaleSimply getting the job done powered by Ethereum

14dec12:00 am29jan(jan 29)12:00 amLoycha Token SaleCoin that pays you for your shopping


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