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ICO HeadStart

SHORT SUMMARY Do you want to participate in the new ICO revolution and contribute to a new financial world order? Do you want to support ICOs, but only in the safest way possible? Then ICO HeadStart™ is your platform! Together we build the most secure ICO...

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SHORT SUMMARY Eligma is an AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform that will change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items online. With its unique features it will offer users a “one-place”, from where they can shop in...

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SHORT SUMMARY Simple and convenient investment in real estate based on blockchain technology. This is an international real estate foundation and multi functional operating platform created on the basis of blockchain and digital technologies. All invested...

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Leon’s Coin

SHORT SUMMARY LEONS endeavors to assimilate contemporary technologies under a single roof with the intention of bringing adult entertainment online with cutting edge trends of today. They would manifest a comprehensive ecosystem where content creators and...

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Fund Platform

SHORT SUMMARY Fund Platform is a fintech platform for creating trade and investment cryptocurrency funds (hereinafter referred to as CF) on the decentralized, convenient and secure service with the possibility of creation of tokens for each separate fund...

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SHORT SUMMARY For the first time in the history, opportunity, technology, as well as legal and social conditions are favourable and ready for the Robotina Platform to step onto the stage. Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology (enabling smart contracts)...

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SHORT SUMMARY At iShook, their goal is to connect content and audiences while leveraging the blockchain technology and of course to ensure rich content is delivered to end users. What began as a vision and successful platform that enables publishers and...

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SHORT SUMMARY CryptoHunt is an Augmented Reality game with a focus on adventure, face to face interaction, socialization, cooperation, companionship, and physical activity, with an added educational and financial incentive for players. This game has the...

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SHORT SUMMARY Unique P2P service for cryptocurrency - fiat money exchange, completely independent and secure due to the use of the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems. They give priority to users and community. Their mission is to...

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SHORT SUMMARY RepuX is a protocol level framework (the “RepuX Protocol”) on which various types of immutable data can be commoditized and exchanged among different corporate and individual collectors, developers and users. The RepuX Protocol combines...

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SHORT SUMMARY YourBlock is a fully Secure and Private Blockchain based Digital Filing Cabinet which enables the consumer to securely store, control and manage their data. YourBlock combines the security, privacy and scalability of private storage with the...

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SHORT SUMMARY The Binkd broker site and mobile app along with the Binkd Decentralized Exchange (BDEX) will revolutionize the way people buy and sell cryptocurrency around the world. Binkd is an easy-to-use decentralized cryptocurrency broker app and...

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SHORT SUMMARY “Mossland” is a location-based Augmented Reality(AR) mobile game based on real estate. Users can identify real properties in vicinity, acquire and trade them in the game. Virtual properties in the game can be tradable and liquified through...

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SHORT SUMMARY A secure profile that enables shoppers to own their complete purchase data, giving the power back to the customer and rewarding them financially. Shopin unites retailers and their customers through personalized data intelligence for an...

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SHORT SUMMARY The OnLive Platform revolutionises both the video broadcast and remote consultations markets. It offers unlimited scalability and availability utilising Blockchain Technology and a completely decentralised Peer-to-Peer network. Anyone can...

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SHORT SUMMARY Skychain intends to provide an infrastructure to radically increase the efficiency of healthcare AI development and training. It will make diagnostic AI systems far more accessible and affordable for the consumer by using blockchain...

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SHORT SUMMARY Scorum is a blockchain powered sports media that rewards its active users. Authors get rewarded for adding their publications, comments and photos while readers gain by casting their votes for quality content. Scorum provides cryptocurrency...

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SHORT SUMMARY Datarius cryptobank is a decentralized partially closed system. As a P2P platform, the system enables users to decide themselves whether to use any of variable services and applications. This in turn allows to almost completely reduce...

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