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SHORT SUMMARY is powering the future of cybersecurity with artificial intelligence and the blockchain to protect against current and next-generation cyber threats. is taking a new approach to AI-powered threat protection. Utilizing...

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Asure Network

SHORT SUMMARY Asure provides a scalable blockchain network for decentralized social security built around openness, privacy, and fairness, and brings together individuals, companies and governments in a digital world. The Asure Blockchain will be a...

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SHORT SUMMARY Prometheus has created a fully functional MVP that allows the user to connect to the database through a few clicks, select a table and column to transfer to a blockchain, select the type of blockchain (Prometheus, Ethereum, Cardano,...

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SHORT SUMMARY The IA Tokens concept is a form of real estate tokenization and will be released via a process of Initial Coin Offering or ICO on the Ethereum network and will be ERC- compatible. The IA Tokens concept aims to revolutionize the real estate...

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SHORT SUMMARY VIHOR is a decentralized social media network for extreme sports athletes. This project was born in the form of a licensed copy (aka offshoot) from the project Steemit1 , inheriting from all its primary features and opportunities for extreme...

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SHORT SUMMARY ALT-TOP is creating a Decentralized Tokenised Ownership Platform, enabling common investors and stakeholders in its industry-specific ecosystem to benefit from new technologies with the focus on the agriculture vertical. The ALT-TOP Token is...

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SHORT SUMMARY Diagon is an imminent global decentralized eSports ecosystem powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, that will enable people from all around the globe to test their expertise and contest in 1v1 and group versus group eSports matches online and...

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SHORT SUMMARY The weiDex team has one mission - they strive to deliver the best services and experience to the traders who use their ecosystem. They are all about the idea that nobody should depend on third-parties because it is better for users to have...

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SHORT SUMMARY A&A ELDERLY CAREwas founded and fully registered with CAC(Coperate Affair Commission) of Federal Republic of Nigeria,at the beginning of 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs with a rich background in health care. A&A ELDERLY CAREis partnership...

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SHORT SUMMARY EcoStart is a global multi-functional platform for business support in green tones using blockchain technology. Its own cryptocurrency platform with a cryptocurrency exchange that will allow users and investors to buy, sell and store digital...

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SHORT SUMMARY LimonX, formerly dé, is looking to make crypto-assets fungibility a reality. First with the help of gift cards usable in 500+ brands and stores, but also prepaid cards top ups, all over Europe since January 2018. In Q1...

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Golden Currency

SHORT SUMMARY Golden Currency is a project of the first fully functional private currency, convenient and efficient infrastructure with utilization of modern technologies, including blockchain. In other words, they are talking about creating a legal and...

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SHORT SUMMARY They created EzyStayz as the first Australian-owned global platform to open the holiday rental market to individuals across the globe. Their vision was for an interesting place that let people explore, meet, connect and travel without...

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SHORT SUMMARY WOX will be the foremost decentralized platform whose objective is to change the current status quo of the cryptocurrency exchange industry with it native blockchain and native coin. WOX coin is a peer-to-peer coin that is be operated and...

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Marshal Lion Group Coin

SHORT SUMMARY Marshal Lion’s issue objective is to create a special blockchain-based platform that will grant investors easy, safe and comprehensive access to the non-bank lending market, as well as to provide a tool to allow convenient use of this...

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Hawk Network

SHORT SUMMARY Hawk Network is the world's leading distributed intelligent Internet of Things, combining edge computing and blockchain technology to provide enterprises with a new generation of IoT technology infrastructure with lower access costs and more...

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SHORT SUMMARY Tycoon serves as a secured interface between professional traders and end users. All activities of the traders are monitored via a secured API connection in real time and can be copied to a follower's portfolio automatically. Each user...

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SHORT SUMMARY ENOD is a decentralized reputation ecosystem that allows publishers to prove their integrity, advertisers - to securely diversify advertising placements, and allow regular people to participate in improving the content on the Internet. A user...

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