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SHORT SUMMARY Karvuon Token will produce and supply the Blockchain industry with the energy it needs to fulfill the ever-growing appetite for energy consumption while bringing energy to other industries. Karvuon currently owns 327 million tons of...

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SHORT SUMMARY Introducing Housinet, a revolutionary token with real world utility that modernizes the property management industry, by creating a first to market global decentralized network. Housinet ICO program is offering 50% off during the pre-ICO...

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Muse Protocol

SHORT SUMMARY Muse Protocol is the foundation that Muse Incorporated is built on. It is an innovative approach to an autonomous and transparent means of royalty distribution and media rights ownership. It is a next-generation publicly verifiable form of...

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SHORT SUMMARY Arc Iris aims to undertake a next-gen integrated project for state-of-the-art cryptocurrency mining done in an environmentally responsible manner. It will provide safe long-term investment with upside cryptocurrency exposure, yet secure...

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SHORT SUMMARY BisMillahCoin (BMC) is the world's first Sharia-compliant utility token, serving needs and providing solutions to at least 1.8 billion Muslims, utilizes the latest technology that promotes efficiency and accountability. BisMillahCoin will be...

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SHORT SUMMARY GATS here offers the solution in the form of a Digital Global Financial Institution that will have all features of a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ bank but with a ‘click and mortar’ model. Banking Financial Needs FI Offers Fintech Solutions...

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SHORT SUMMARY Teslafunds – TSF is ethereum based platform that runs applications and blockchain services powered by crowdfunded tokens. They aim to create user-friendly environment for an honest community governing and funding a network capable of paying...

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Netspot Solutions

SHORT SUMMARY A first in the world, new distributed architecture, providing an ecosystem which allows users to manage shared devices globally. Netspot is designed to majorly disrupt how devices are used and maintained across millions of enterprises....

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UniCSystems-United Crypto Systems

SHORT SUMMARY The United Crypto System is an unique Blockchain-based system that combines three key elements: UCS Gambling  Cryptocurrency Casino) UCS Dapps (Game Applications) UCS Bet (Sports Betting) Thus, the platform will provide access to the three...

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SHORT SUMMARY PodMiners is a digital radio and podcasting platform that allows the content creators, consumers and advertisers to collaborate on a global level. The platform is based on the blockchain technology. Blockchain is a public ledger that allows...

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SHORT SUMMARY is the World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange made in Singapore with a global reach, allowing users to buy, sell, and store digital assets. Their platform is dedicated to offer unique experiences regardless whether you are a...

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SHORT SUMMARY The global financial market has never been through such a phase of competition and disruption, as has been doing for the last five years. Backed by precise user demands, fintechs sprang by the thousands, shaking the commodities scene that...

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SHORT SUMMARY Crypcore is a dynamic stable coin, the price of crypcore will change from time to time based on market conditions, unlike traditional stable coins crypcore will not be pegged. The crypcore ecosystem is organized in a way that prevents wild...

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SHORT SUMMARY The Burency Exchange is a regulated exchange platform that addresses key challenges including security, liquidity, fiat to crypto transactions and vise versa, and more. The exchange is one of the world’s fully insured platforms, with coverage...

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SHORT SUMMARY is powering the future of cybersecurity with artificial intelligence and the blockchain to protect against current and next-generation cyber threats. is taking a new approach to AI-powered threat protection. Utilizing...

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Asure Network

SHORT SUMMARY Asure provides a scalable blockchain network for decentralized social security built around openness, privacy, and fairness, and brings together individuals, companies and governments in a digital world. The Asure Blockchain will be a...

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SHORT SUMMARY Prometheus has created a fully functional MVP that allows the user to connect to the database through a few clicks, select a table and column to transfer to a blockchain, select the type of blockchain (Prometheus, Ethereum, Cardano,...

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SHORT SUMMARY The IA Tokens concept is a form of real estate tokenization and will be released via a process of Initial Coin Offering or ICO on the Ethereum network and will be ERC- compatible. The IA Tokens concept aims to revolutionize the real estate...

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