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SHORT SUMMARY SocialRemit is a new platform designed to provide emerging projects with financial and technological tools based on blockchain and impact in a positive way on society through the collaborative economy that aims to build decentralized...

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  SHORT SUMMARY The Smilo platform was born from a spark of inspiration in June of 2017, when the founders of Smilo noticed some blockchain-based platforms were created with privacy and anonymity in mind, but none of these platforms could provide users...

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SHORT SUMMARY PANTHEON X is a 4th generation financial platform that applies components of the blockchain system which provides transparency and reliability. It provides encyclopedic crypto financial services that can generate, trade, circulate and mediate...

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SHORT SUMMARY Matic Network provides scalable, secure and instant Ethereum transactions. It is built on an implementation of the PLASMA framework and functions as an off chain scaling solution.  Matic Network offers scalability solutions along with other...

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SHORT SUMMARY Technology is reshaping the world’s economies – and not always for the better. Newton provides blockchain infrastructure that focuses on a freer, fairer, and more open economy by providing the means for governance, collaboration, and...

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SHORT SUMMARY WEARVR is uniquely and advantageously positioned as the only completely independent app store within the virtual and augmented reality ecosystem and community. They have long-standing relationships and a strong reputation with the users...

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SHORT SUMMARY The architecture of Bither is designed to minimize the computational resources required for safeguarding the network, by doing so, a portion of the computing power, by the miners’ choice and in a democratic way can be driven towards...

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Elrond Network

SHORT SUMMARY Elrond is a complete rethinking of public blockchain infrastructure, specifically designed to be secure, efficient, scalable and interoperable. Elrond’s main contribution rests on two cornerstone building blocks: 1) A genuine State Sharding...

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SHORT SUMMARY The Orbits Network is Grabity`s decentralized main net that draws a truly distributed P2P network by utilizing all idle computer resources that are wired/wirelessly connect. Transactions from Orbits Network are managed efficiently through...

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SHORT SUMMARY Let’s Trip is a daring project. Yes, we are ready to compete for each user with cartographic monopolists. We are ready to completely replace paper atlases, compasses and translators. In the future, our service will provide you with good...

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SHORT SUMMARY In BitValve, they will create a P2P Exchange platform, with key advantages that will change the way people trade Peer to Peer, by combining all the advantages of the current exchanges and addressing the disadvantages that keep the market from...

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SHORT SUMMARY The TokenRoll Platform will be the first ever decentralized casino that will enable people to bet directly through fiat by using USD Stable Token. Players will be credited USD Stable Token for their profits and they will enjoy decentralized...

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SHORT SUMMARY A global privacy network and marketplaces powering financial, insurance, and health solutions for unprecedented confidentiality and human condition improvement. HCX PAY provides payment and data solutions for the financial services,...

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SHORT SUMMARY BLUESHARE SECURITY TOKENS (BST) are the tokenized equity capital participation shares of INTERPROM Mining AG - a Swiss-based consolidated company which is among the first businesses in the world to offer its traditional equity capital...

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SHORT SUMMARY zeosX is a decentralized platform aiming to revolutionize the traditional banking industry. Our cutting edge technological system is built based on a powerful finance ecosystem which consists of the futuristic banking components. Platform...

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SHORT SUMMARY The Membrana platform is intended to bring investors and traders together for concluding mutually beneficial blockchain-protected contracts for the trust management of cryptocurrency assets. Membrana provides investors and traders with a...

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SHORT SUMMARY NODIS is on a mission to help local businesses to get noticed online, increase traffic in-store, and differentiate itself from the competition. NODIS aims at solving the above social media marketing pain points through our unique Challenge...

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SHORT SUMMARY TradeCloud is already building communities and connecting the industryover it’s secure, efficient and easy to use platform. Their digital vision, centred around the Corda blockchain will make transacting and executing physical commodity...

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