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march, 2018

16nov01mare-Chat Token SaleBlockchain-based decentralized secure messenger and fastest-growing social network

28nov(nov 28)11:49 pm18apr(apr 18)11:49 pmWorld WiFi Token SaleNetwork will be based on privately owned routers

04dec(dec 4)12:00 am15mar(mar 15)12:00 amTOKIA Token SaleTOKIA ICO: Forever free Cryptocurrency exchange

11dec(dec 11)3:29 am31mar(mar 31)3:29 amFeatured4th BlockchainHolds all the ledgers in 3 dimensional space

01jan5:19 am01aug5:19 amMetaTipTransparent and faster transactions Metaverse

04jan(jan 4)12:00 am14mar(mar 14)12:00 amCrytpF Token Salesimple way to invest cryptocurrency in traditional international markets

15jan(jan 15)12:00 am15mar(mar 15)12:00 amSOFIN Token SaleInternational fiat platform for P2P loans based on blockchain

15jan(jan 15)12:00 am15mar(mar 15)12:00 amBoosteroid Token SalePERSONAL CLOUD COMPUTER AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE

22jan(jan 22)12:00 am08mar(mar 8)12:00 amSignals Token SaleMarketplace of data science powered signals for trading

22jan(jan 22)12:00 am12mar(mar 12)12:00 amCrowdCoinage Token SaleOS for the Future of Funding POWERED BY BLOCKCHAIN

25jan(jan 25)12:00 am08mar(mar 8)12:00 amUTEMIS Token SaleB2B e-commerce transforming Latin American continent into a market

26jan01marHealthureum Token SaleHealthureum: Your Data, Your Doctor, Your Way

26jan(jan 26)12:00 am26jun(jun 26)12:00 amAworker Token SaleBlockchain Platform for the Recruitment Industry

29jan(jan 29)12:00 am14mar(mar 14)12:00 amAstorGame Token SaleDecentralized games, Sports Betting and Casino using blockchain

30jan(jan 30)12:00 am18mar(mar 18)12:00 amIQeon Token SaleIQeon ICO: first decentralized gaming PvP platform

30jan(jan 30)12:00 am30jul(jul 30)12:00 amDarico Token SaleYOUR EASY-ACCESS GATEWAY TO SAFER CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT

01feb12:00 am01mar11:59 pmCottage Coin Token Saleproviding opportunity on real estates in the best angles of Europe

01feb12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 amCrowdstart Capital Token SaleCrowdstart Capital (CSC): A Blockchain technology accelerator

01feb12:00 am20mar(mar 20)12:00 amOpporty Token SaleService-focused, knowledge-sharing business platform

05feb(feb 5)12:00 am09apr(apr 9)12:00 amVLB Token SaleThe 1st Global Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain

05feb(feb 5)12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 Token SaleShift your car title into cash!

11feb(feb 11)12:00 am11mar(mar 11)12:00 amScrinium Token SaleThe future of portfolio investment

12feb(feb 12)12:00 am28mar(mar 28)12:00 amRate Date Token SaleWe will change the online dating industry!

13feb(feb 13)12:00 am13mar(mar 13)12:00 amREMME Token Saleaddresses the problem of blockchain security failings

14feb(feb 14)12:00 am14mar(mar 14)12:00 amRestart Energy Token SaleBRINGING YOU RED, A BLOCKCHAIN-BASED ENERGY ECOSYSTEM FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

15feb(feb 15)12:00 am15mar(mar 15)12:00 amSyncfab Token Saleconnecting buyers directly to hardware manufacturers

19feb(feb 19)12:00 am21mar(mar 21)12:00 amRxEAL Token SaleThe latest way to profit from Real Estate

20feb(feb 20)12:00 am06mar(mar 6)12:00 amTriForce Tokensgaming community with decentralized P2P trading

21feb(feb 21)12:00 am19may(may 19)12:00 amSolve.Care Token SaleDecentralized platform for coordination and administration of healthcare

22feb(feb 22)12:00 am22mar(mar 22)12:00 amSOCIFI Token SaleMarketplace for SPONSORED DATA, products and services.

24feb(feb 24)12:00 am24mar(mar 24)12:00 amTV-TWO Token SaleTHE DECENTRALIZED TV ECOSYSTEM. EARN CRYPTO WATCHING TV

26feb(feb 26)12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 amSKYCHAIN Token SaleThe future of artificial intelligence in healthcare!

27feb(feb 27)12:00 am24apr(apr 24)12:00 amGron Digital Token Salesmart wallet for lucrative industry

28feb(feb 28)12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 amGalaxy eSolutions Token SaleHybrid eCommerce ecosystem on blockchain

28feb(feb 28)12:00 am05mar(mar 5)12:00 amIP Exchange Token SaleMeet IP Exchange. Distributed network layer.

01mar12:00 am31(mar 31)12:00 amEroiy Token SaleThe payment method of the adult industry. Anonymous & safe.

01mar12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amMedichain Token SaleThe Medical Big-Data Platform Saving Lives With Blockchain

01mar12:00 am31(mar 31)12:00 amRequitix Token SaleTrusted Token & Confidence System

01mar12:00 am21(mar 21)12:00 amJOYSO Token SaleJOYSO is a hybrid-decentralized exchange

01mar12:00 am15(mar 15)12:00 amCryptoHunt Token SaleBecome a real treasure hunter

01mar12:00 am10apr(apr 10)12:00 amLeadCoin Token SaleThe Future of Web Marketing​. Monetize Your Data​

01mar12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amMedCredits Token Saledecentralized way to connect patients and doctors

01mar12:00 am30(mar 30)12:00 amSharpay Token SaleSharpay is the share button with blockchain profit Status: working product (MVP)

03mar(mar 3)12:00 am03apr(apr 3)12:00 amSapien Token SaleTake back control over your Social Experience

03mar(mar 3)12:00 am02apr(apr 2)12:00 amNKOR Token SaleNew standard for verification and distribution of digital data

05mar(mar 5)12:00 am04apr(apr 4)12:00 amLoyakk VEGA Token SaleVega - The Platform for Decentralized Business Networks

05mar(mar 5)12:00 am04apr(apr 4)12:00 amVestarin Token SaleMarketplace of goods and services for cryptocurrency

05mar(mar 5)12:00 am26(mar 26)12:00 amTopiaCoin Token SaleThe First Secure Decentralized File Sharing Infrastructure

06mar(mar 6)12:00 am05apr(apr 5)12:00 amRepuX Token SaleRepuX Monetizes Data from Millions of Small Enterprises

07mar(mar 7)12:00 am07apr(apr 7)12:00 amThe Abyss Token Saledigital distribution platform with a strong accent on browser and client

10mar(mar 10)12:00 am05apr(apr 5)12:00 amThrive Token SaleTHE PREMIUM DECENTRALIZED AD MARKETPLACE

11mar(mar 11)12:00 am11apr(apr 11)12:00 amOn.Live Token SaleTHE MARKET PLACE FOR PAID ADVICE LIVE BROADCASTS AND COMPUTING POWER

12mar(mar 12)12:00 am25(mar 25)12:00 amStreamity Token SaleDecentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Unique P2P service for cryptocurrency

12mar(mar 12)12:00 am10may(may 10)12:00 amiShook Token Sale connect content and audiences while leveraging the blockchain technology

12mar(mar 12)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amLeon's Coin Token SaleLeon's Coin: CHANGING THE GAME ALREADY

12mar(mar 12)12:00 am08apr(apr 8)12:00 amMossland Token Salelocation-based AR (Augmented Reality) mobile game

12mar(mar 12)12:00 am23apr(apr 23)12:00 amYourBlock Token SaleBlockchain based comparison and incentivised personal data storage platform

15mar(mar 15)12:00 am15apr(apr 15)12:00 amFire Lotto Token SaleTHE WORLD’S HOTTEST CRYPTO LOTTERY

15mar(mar 15)12:00 am15apr(apr 15)12:00 amShopin Token SaleShopin is the world's first decentralized shopper profile built on the blockchain.

15mar(mar 15)12:00 am29(mar 29)12:00 amDeHedge Token SaleRisk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors

19mar(mar 19)12:00 am19apr(apr 19)12:00 amPecunio Token SalePECUNIO - BLOCKCHAIN INVESTMENTS SAFE AND EASY

21mar(mar 21)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amFeaturedRobotina Token SaleEMPOWERING PEOPLE. Community means power, savings, and security

25mar(mar 25)12:00 am15may(may 15)12:00 amFIC Network Token SaleFixed Income Infrastructure for Blockchain Assets

26mar(mar 26)11:59 pm24apr(apr 24)11:59 pmICO HeadStart Token SaleHandpicked & Audited companies 100% Profit Sharing Community

31mar(mar 31)12:00 am18may(may 18)12:00 amNauticus Token SaleOne coin for six global banking and eCommerce solutions


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