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july, 2019

11dec(dec 11)12:00 am(dec 11)12:00 amViewo Token SaleA REVOLUTIONARY VIDEO SHARING PLATFORM

15jan01sepAzultec Token SaleThe easiest way to earn crypto currencies

16feb(feb 16)12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amFortFC Token SaleUNIQUE CRYPTOLIQUIDITY AGGREGATOR

31mar(mar 31)12:00 am30sep(sep 30)12:00 amCurveBlock Token SaleReal Estate Developments & Dividends

01apr12:00 am30sep(sep 30)12:00 amBiogen Token SaleThe project is based on the search for an effective method to extend human life

01apr12:00 am01sep11:59 pmWindMine Token SaleBlockchain Empowered Renewable Energy Production

06apr(apr 6)12:00 am06jul(jul 6)12:00 amNodis Token SaleNodis Token Sale: Get Noticed!

06apr(apr 6)12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amzeosX Token SaleREDEFINING THE FUTURE OF FINANCE FOR A WORLD-CLASS BANKING EXPERIENCE

19apr(apr 19)12:00 am18jul(jul 18)12:00 amBlueshare Token SaleA next-generation, Swiss, trusted, secure, Blockchain liquid, digitalized investment

19apr(apr 19)12:00 am06aug(aug 6)12:00 amHCX PAY Token SaleA Privacy-Preserving Marketplace and Payment Network

20apr(apr 20)12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amWeave Token SaleWEAVE, THE UNIVERSAL CRYPTOCURRENCY FOR VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY

20apr(apr 20)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amHyperionX Token SaleThe Smart Market Ecosystem

22apr(apr 22)12:00 am05aug(aug 5)12:00 amFarm2Kitchen Token SaleFood Delivery Just Got Smarter!

01may12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amSocialRemit Token SaleBlockchain Platform for Financial and Technological Tools to emerging Projects

01may12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amDuniabooking Token SaleOne-stop Booking Platform

01may12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amAlphaX Token SaleALPHA-X MARKETPLACE FOR REAL USAGE OF CRYPTO CURRENCY

01may12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amAirsave Travel Token SaleEarn Money Toward Your Travel Goals

01may12:00 am16apr(apr 16)12:00 amMultiven Token SaleThe Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM)

03may(may 3)12:00 am30jul(jul 30)12:00 amCoinware Token Salea free and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform

15may(may 15)12:00 am11nov(nov 11)12:00 amBehaviourExchange Token SaleBecome part of the online revolution!

19may(may 19)12:00 am26aug(aug 26)12:00 amCura Network Token SaleRedesigning the future of health care

20may(may 20)12:00 am29jul(jul 29)12:00 amSmathium Token SaleSmathium Makes Us Happy

01jun12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amVIMee Token SaleA Social Media Network With High Moral Integrity

01jun12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amiOWN Token SaleThe Investment Platform of The Future

01jun12:00 am31aug(aug 31)12:00 amNegexc Token SaleThe Next Generation of Exchange

01jun12:00 am11jul(jul 11)12:00 amAssetStream Token SAleThe Global Decentralized Peer To Peer Microfinance Platform

03jun(jun 3)12:00 am27oct(oct 27)12:00 amGRAYLL Token SaleA Simple App for Freedom, Prosperity & Wealth Inception

05jun(jun 5)12:00 am06jul(jul 6)12:00 amCrypto Market Ads Token SaleDemocratize Crypto Advertising & Marketing

07jun(jun 7)12:00 am07jul(jul 7)12:00 amHiway Token SaleConnecting the blockchain skilled workforce to the companies of the future.

07jun(jun 7)12:00 am07dec(dec 7)12:00 amHYGH Token SaleTHE FUTURE OF OUTDOOR ADVERTISING

15jun(jun 15)12:00 am15sep(sep 15)12:00 amLOLTOKEN BY EIU.AC Token SaleThe Future of Education

15jun(jun 15)12:00 am15jul(jul 15)12:00 amPcore Token SaleInnovative invoice discounting platform for businesses and investors.

15jun(jun 15)12:00 am30jul(jul 30)12:00 amZoptax Token SaleDisrupting VOIP with Blockchain

18jun(jun 18)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amPBET Token SaleThe unification of Three Pillars

18jun(jun 18)12:00 am18aug(aug 18)12:00 amIdeaFeX Token Salemarketplace for financing & investment with tokenized real-world assets

21jun(jun 21)12:00 am22jul(jul 22)12:00 amBLABBER Token SaleBeing social has never been so rewarding.

22jun(jun 22)12:00 am08jul(jul 8)12:00 amDexAge Token SaleMulti-Tier Trading Ecosystem

23jun(jun 23)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amGOVEARN Token SaleEMPOWERING GROWTH WITH ECONOMIC VALUE

24jun(jun 24)12:00 am08jul(jul 8)12:00 amKozjin Token SaleA CRYPTOCURRENCY That Redefines Digital Banking and Payment

24jun(jun 24)12:00 am19aug(aug 19)12:00 amParamountDax Token SaleNot Just Another Crypto Exchange

25jun(jun 25)12:00 am12jul(jul 12)12:00 amBlockState Token SaleBlockState ICO: Smart asset financing

25jun(jun 25)12:00 am26jul(jul 26)12:00 amGeon Token SaleStore value at a geolocation of your choice.

29jun(jun 29)12:00 am29jul(jul 29)12:00 amGlobal Funeral Care Token SaleFully customizable funerals.

30jun(jun 30)12:00 am31oct(oct 31)12:00 amFidelitySuite Token SaleThe new generation of Loyalty Program based on blockchain

30jun(jun 30)12:00 am30aug(aug 30)12:00 amOryx Token SaleThe Future Of Decentralization In E-Commerce

01jul12:00 am30sep(sep 30)12:00 amTradeCloud Token SaleThe TradeCloud Security Token Offering on Blockchain

01jul12:00 am01aug11:59 pmStableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering Token SaleThe stable coin which earns money for you

01jul12:00 am30(jul 30)12:00 ampukkamex Token SaleRevnue sharing crypto-derivative trading platform

01jul12:00 am31(jul 31)12:00 amINDX Capital Token SaleTHE MASTERNODE INVESTMENT FUND

01jul12:00 am14(jul 14)12:00 Token Salecomprehensive crypto assets trading platform with PAMM services

01jul12:38 am31dec(dec 31)12:38 amLinkChain Token SaleSecure Supply Chain Sourcing on the Blockchain

04jul(jul 4)12:00 am07(jul 7)12:00 amFortem Capital Token SaleFORTEM CAPITAL TOKENIZES REAL ESTATE

04jul(jul 4)12:00 am11(jul 11)12:00 amstableDEX Token SaleA Decentralized Exchange for Stable Digital Assets

05jul(jul 5)12:00 am31(jul 31)12:00 amMoozicore Token SaleWORLD’S FIRST MUSIC STREAMING SERVICE ON BLOCKCHAIN

07jul(jul 7)12:00 am08aug(aug 8)12:00 amCryptolancers Token SaleCryptolancers , a Dedicated Platform for freelancing & Web solutions

08jul(jul 8)12:00 am16aug(aug 16)12:00 amStellerro Token SaleTake Part in the future of Digital Securities Investments.

10jul(jul 10)12:00 am14(jul 14)12:00 amAlphanu Token SaleSell and Buy TRADING ALGORITHMS

12jul(jul 12)12:00 am09aug(aug 9)12:00 amDayta Token SaleStore, manage and share access to your personal information for a profit

14jul(jul 14)12:00 am23(jul 23)12:00 amSwace Token SaleNow user-brand interaction becomes an adventure

15jul(jul 15)12:00 am15oct(oct 15)12:00 amBitzon Token SaleConnect buyers & sellers all around the world to trade value in cryptocurrency

15jul(jul 15)12:00 am15aug(aug 15)12:00 amViaz Token SaleFirst major decentralized peer to peer funding platform on Tezos

15jul(jul 15)12:00 am16aug(aug 16)12:00 amAlgotrading Token SaleInstitutional-Grade Automated Trading Software

16jul(jul 16)12:00 am16aug(aug 16)12:00 amDataBloc Token SaleProtecting the World’s Data

16jul(jul 16)12:00 am30aug(aug 30)12:00 amCCUniverse UVU Token SaleBlockchain involved in infrastructure projects

16jul(jul 16)12:00 am16aug(aug 16)12:00 amAkropolis Token SaleUNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL OF INFORMAL ECONOMY WITH DEFI

17jul(jul 17)12:00 am20(jul 20)12:00 amSESSIA Token SaleNEW GENERATION SOCIAL NETWORK

19jul(jul 19)12:00 am20sep(sep 20)12:00 amDIPChain Token SaleBORDERLESS ART LIVING COMMUNITY

22jul(jul 22)12:00 am28(jul 28)12:00 amMinedBlock Token SaleMinedBlock Token Sale: Mining as a Service

27jul(jul 27)12:00 am31(jul 31)12:00 amNeutro Token SaleNeutro Token Sale: More than Blockchain.

29jul(jul 29)12:00 am12aug(aug 12)12:00 amAussie Digital Token SaleREWRITING THE FUTURE OF E-COMMERCE ON BLOCKCHAIN

31jul(jul 31)12:00 am14aug(aug 14)12:00 amFerrum Network Token SaleHigh-Speed Interoperability Network for Real-World Financial Applications


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