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september, 2018

12mar(mar 12)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amLeon's Coin Token SaleLeon's Coin: CHANGING THE GAME ALREADY

01apr12:00 am01oct11:59 pmBullToken Token SaleThe world's first people-driven investment community

08may(may 8)12:00 am31oct(oct 31)12:00 amdona Token Saledona ico: makes world a little bit better

15may(may 15)11:59 pm13sep(sep 13)11:59 pmWeiCrowd Token SaleToken Safety, Token Growth and Token Liquidity

11jun(jun 11)12:00 am20sep(sep 20)12:00 amCrypStock Token SaleCrypStock: Combined inter-exchange cryptosystem

15jun(jun 15)12:00 am15sep(sep 15)12:00 amSuperGreen Energy Token SalePatents Pending Super Renewable Energy.

01jul12:00 am20sep(sep 20)12:00 amCyBit Token SaleA Crypto Platform Utilizing Crowdfunding to Empower Startups and Investors

01jul12:00 am30sep(sep 30)12:00 amKonios Project Token SaleOffers safest exchange platform for cash & cryptocurrencies worldwide

05jul(jul 5)12:00 am05sep(sep 5)12:00 amStealthCrypto Token SaleDecentralized, incentivized, self-sustainable, quantum mesh network based on blockchain technology.

05jul(jul 5)12:00 am13sep(sep 13)12:00 amArchiCoin Token SaleA distributed storage that using the stable cryptography.

07jul(jul 7)12:00 am06sep(sep 6)12:00 amTaurus0x Token SaleFully decentralized trading protocol for crypto-derivatives.

01aug12:00 am01sep11:59 pmMedicoHealth Token SaleThe biggest doctor-patient environment based on blockchain

01aug12:00 am15sep(sep 15)12:00 amTravelerToken SaleTHE JOURNEY STARTS HERE. SPEND LESS. TRAVEL MORE.

01aug12:00 am06sep(sep 6)12:00 amIceBreakerAR Token SaleIceBreakerAR ICO: Making The Virtual World A Reality

07aug(aug 7)12:00 am15sep(sep 15)12:00 amPavoCoin Token SaleTransforming Agriculture with Blockchain

13aug(aug 13)12:00 am17sep(sep 17)12:00 amTrustedCars Flex Token SaleTrustedCars Flex: Changing Car Ownership forever

15aug(aug 15)12:00 am30sep(sep 30)12:00 amInvest in Brokers Token SaleThe Invest Platform The future of your investments

15aug(aug 15)12:00 am15oct(oct 15)12:00 amPingvalue Token SaleAdvertising services in smart cities based on blockchain 4.0

20aug(aug 20)12:00 am10sep(sep 10)12:00 amVanywhere Token SaleLive Connections. Personalized Results.

20aug(aug 20)12:00 am20sep(sep 20)12:00 amThe Pluto Token SaleA Distributed Data Exchange Block Chain With Special Purpose.

20aug01novDESICO Token Saleworld’s first platform to issue, buy, and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law

27aug(aug 27)12:00 am24sep(sep 24)12:00 amCRYPTICS Token SaleDeep Learning AI predicts the cryptocurrency rates with 70%+ accuracy

30aug(aug 30)12:00 am15sep(sep 15)12:00 amProcurean Token SaleDecentralized Global Trade Network

31aug(aug 31)12:00 am15sep(sep 15)12:00 amDelicia Token SaleDecentralized Food Network connecting Food retailers and consumers

01sep12:00 am31oct(oct 31)12:00 amFlipNpik Token SaleCollaborative social media dedicated to local businesses

01sep12:00 am30(sep 30)12:00 amGigTricks Token SaleA crypto ecosystem for on-demand economy

03sep(sep 3)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amDominium Token SaleDecentralised property management platform

03sep(sep 3)12:00 am31oct(oct 31)12:00 amTrigID Token SaleUniversal digital identity system

03sep(sep 3)12:00 am28(sep 28)12:00 amCrowdvilla Token SaleCommunity-based model for shared-use of real estate in the holiday homes arena

04sep(sep 4)12:00 am02oct(oct 2)12:00 amProject Aiur Token SaleDemocratizing Science through blockchain-enabled disintermediation

05sep(sep 5)12:00 am05oct(oct 5)12:00 amRAWG Token SaleVideo game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services

05sep(sep 5)12:00 am10oct(oct 10)12:00 amXAYA Token SaleDecentralized Autonomous Universes or True Blockchain Based Gaming Platform

06sep(sep 6)12:00 am06oct(oct 6)12:00 amGledos Token SaleDecentralized education for microLearning and top-class nanoDegrees

08sep(sep 8)12:00 am30(sep 30)12:00 amHealth Fx PlatformHealth Fx Platform: The Future of Healthcare

10sep(sep 10)12:00 am11nov(nov 11)12:00 amKinesis Token SaleKinesis: Evolution of gold standard

10sep(sep 10)12:00 am09nov(nov 9)12:00 amAraw Token SaleDecentralised Payment for Ecommerce Ecosystem

10sep(sep 10)12:00 am15oct(oct 15)12:00 amMyCryptoBank Token SaleCRYPTOBANK FOR CRYPTOCOMMUNITY!

10sep(sep 10)12:00 am10oct(oct 10)12:00 amPopChest Token SaleDecentralized video distribution platform

10sep(sep 10)5:29 am30(sep 30)5:29 amPayperblock Token SaleBlockchain-based freelancer platform

12sep(sep 12)12:00 am12oct(oct 12)12:00 amOrch Network Token SaleEarth's Fastest And Most Advanced Realtime Decentralized Infrastructure

13sep(sep 13)12:00 am31oct(oct 31)12:00 amHELIX Orange Token SaleThe marketplace connecting quality ICO projects with KYC-ready investors

14sep(sep 14)12:00 am14oct(oct 14)12:00 amAstoria Token SaleMake, deploy and publish your own ICO without programming skills required!

15sep(sep 15)12:00 am15oct(oct 15)12:00 Token SaleAccommodate all of your crypto needs under one roof

15sep(sep 15)12:00 am15oct(oct 15)12:00 amBloxia Token SaleFrom Blockchain to Crowdchain

15sep(sep 15)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amSID Token SaleSID Token: Share Internet Data

15sep(sep 15)12:00 am25(sep 25)12:00 amModex Token SaleThe World’s first marketplace for blockchain with Dev Platform

15sep(sep 15)12:00 am15oct(oct 15)12:00 amExtradecoin Token SaleAn exchange for trader and gamer.

15sep(sep 15)12:00 am16nov(nov 16)12:00 amArround Token SaleDecentralized Advertising Solution in Augmented Reality

15sep(sep 15)12:00 am30(sep 30)12:00 amB21 Token SaleYour Personal wealth manager for cryptoassets

15sep(sep 15)12:00 am10oct(oct 10)12:00 amDinngo Token SaleThe Mobile Digital Currency Exchange

16sep(sep 16)12:00 am30(sep 30)12:00 amFeaturedKIZUNACOIN Token SaleKIZUNACOIN: Japan and Global Cryptocurrency

16sep(sep 16)12:00 am31oct(oct 31)12:00 amZichain Token SaleZichain: Decentralized Asset Management

17sep(sep 17)12:00 am16oct(oct 16)12:00 amAkash Network Token SaleDecentralized protocol for provisioning, scaling and securing cloud workloads

18sep(sep 18)12:00 am18dec(dec 18)12:00 amRe:factor Token SaleNew asset in global crypto economy

18sep(sep 18)12:00 am18oct(oct 18)12:00 amEverMarkets Exchange Token SaleEMX: The Future of Derivatives Trading

18sep(sep 18)12:00 am18oct(oct 18)12:00 amDigits Token SaleDigits turns any debit or credit card into a crypto card

19sep(sep 19)12:00 am22oct(oct 22)12:00 amColor Platform Token SaleColor Platform: Colorful Dapp Store

19sep(sep 19)12:00 am19oct(oct 19)12:00 amOut of the Cloud Token SaleRevolutionizing File and Data Sharing through Blockchain Technology

20sep(sep 20)12:00 am20oct(oct 20)12:00 amTriggmine Token SaleA decentralized platform for marketing automation

21sep(sep 21)12:00 am31oct(oct 31)12:00 amEnergy Premier Token SaleEnergy Premier: Energy retail & bidding

23sep(sep 23)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amYINC Token SaleA New Way To Hire And Trust Vendors Online

24sep01octChamapesa Token SaleThe open network for social savings communities

24sep01octqiibee Token Saleqiibee: A decentralized loyalty ecosystem

24sep(sep 24)12:00 am03dec(dec 3)12:00 amVTOS Token SaleVTOS ICO: Decentralized CDN & Social Network

25sep(sep 25)12:00 am25oct(oct 25)12:00 amSRT Token SaleREVOLUTIONARY ECOSYSTEM FOR OIL PROCESSING INDUSTRY

25sep(sep 25)12:00 am25oct(oct 25)12:00 amCryptocean Token SaleCRYPTOCEAN: Ecosystem, processing, cryptoexchange

25sep(sep 25)12:00 am25oct(oct 25)12:00 amNeuroseed Token SaleMARKETPLACE FOR AI SOLUTIONS

26sep(sep 26)12:00 am14mar(mar 14)12:00 amVogoV Token SaleDecentralized Porn Studio in Hollywood with a Unified Adult-Industry Cryptocurrency

27sep(sep 27)12:00 am30oct(oct 30)12:00 amZue Token SaleSecuring your health data and building a new ecosystem to improve total wellness worldwide

28sep(sep 28)12:00 am20oct(oct 20)12:00 amDlex Token Saleworld’s first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange

28sep(sep 28)12:00 am28oct(oct 28)12:00 amCognida Token SaleEstablishing Trusted Service Relationships

28sep(sep 28)12:00 am28oct(oct 28)12:00 amBitacium Token SaleIt's Decentralized Business, Your Way

29sep(sep 29)12:00 am03feb(feb 3)12:00 amClarity Project Token SaleEmpowering small businesses to take control of their future through Blockchain

30sep(sep 30)12:00 am30dec(dec 30)12:00 amZED Token SaleGlobal platform for Money Transfer Operators

30sep(sep 30)12:00 am30oct(oct 30)12:00 amLevelApp Token SaleBuy and spend crypto using Apple Pay