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march, 2019

01nov12:00 am01mar11:59 pmAeternum Token SaleWorld's First Science and Intellectual Property driven ICO

01nov12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amEmusic Token SaleRedefining Music Distribution Through Blockchain

05nov(nov 5)12:00 am28apr(apr 28)12:00 Token SaleINVESTING TRADITIONS IN TECHNOLOGIES

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am04mar(mar 4)12:00 amWinnest Token SaleCreating the worlds leading collaborative marketplace

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am30jun(jun 30)12:00 amBitCanna Token SaleHave a look at what the future of cannabis payments is going to be.

01dec12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amMinedBlock Token SaleMinedBlock Token Sale: Mining as a Service

01dec12:00 am28mar(mar 28)12:00 amGric Token SaleCryptocurrency with a true future

03dec01aprSecurypto Token SaleMonetizing blockchain based anonymous Encrypted data transfer & storage

11dec(dec 11)12:00 am(dec 11)12:00 amViewo Token SaleA REVOLUTIONARY VIDEO SHARING PLATFORM

14dec(dec 14)12:00 am13apr(apr 13)12:00 amFidelity House Token SaleWhere your contents become tokens

15dec(dec 15)12:00 am15apr(apr 15)12:00 amOrbis Token SaleInvest, Earn, Transfer and Spend your Orbis dividents. Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

18dec(dec 18)12:00 am21mar(mar 21)12:00 amiTrue Token SaleBiometric Identity for Decentralized Web

01jan12:00 am01mar11:59 pmCryptolancers Token SaleCryptolancers , a Dedicated Platform for freelancing & Web solutions

10jan(jan 10)12:00 am10apr(apr 10)12:00 amJOYS Token SaleWe develop and deploy blockchain based solutions

10jan(jan 10)12:00 am21mar(mar 21)12:00 amCWEX Token SaleFuture of decentralized fine wine trading

14jan(jan 14)12:00 am10mar(mar 10)12:00 amBrain Space Token SaleYour comfort zone. Forward to the stars!

15jan(jan 15)12:00 am15mar(mar 15)12:00 amMenapay Token SaleMenapay Token Sale: Crypto made easier than cash

15jan(jan 15)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amIPUX Token SaleIPUX: Transforming Tomorrow, Today.

15jan(jan 15)12:00 am15mar(mar 15)12:00 amStacktical Token SaleMeet the 1st Downtime Insurance

15jan01sepAzultec Token SaleThe easiest way to earn crypto currencies


22jan(jan 22)12:00 am08mar(mar 8)12:00 amExcalibur OS Token SaleA Revolution OS For Computer Systems Like Never Before.

26jan(jan 26)12:00 am25may(may 25)12:00 amPetchains Token SaleThe World’s 1st Pets Short Video Platform

28jan(jan 28)12:00 am29mar(mar 29)12:00 amTriffic Token SaleUSING AUGMENTED REALITY TO TURN MILES INTO MONEY

28jan(jan 28)12:00 am19mar(mar 19)12:00 amTradePlace Token SaleUNIQUE NEXT-GENERATION PLATFORM FOR TRANSACTIONS & INVESTMENT

30jan(jan 30)12:00 am30mar(mar 30)12:00 amEqwity Token SaleDiscover the ICO.E the New Ico Standard

31jan(jan 31)12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 amGeon Token SaleStore value at a geolocation of your choice.

05feb(feb 5)12:00 am18mar(mar 18)12:00 amXCOYNZ Token SaleAn Exchange Where You Set Your Own Fee

05feb(feb 5)12:00 am20mar(mar 20)12:00 amVTUUR Token SaleVtuur Reality Platform

08feb(feb 8)12:00 am08apr(apr 8)12:00 amBtcEX Token SaleCryptocurrency Exchange Service for Everyone

12feb(feb 12)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amCoinware Token Salea free and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform

14feb(feb 14)12:00 am08apr(apr 8)12:00 amClarity Token SaleEmpowering small businesses to take control of their future through Blockchain

15feb(feb 15)12:00 am15apr(apr 15)12:00 amFinafex Token SaleF I N A F E X: Safe, Seamless, Secure.

15feb(feb 15)12:00 am15may(may 15)12:00 Token SaleThe First Complete Crypto Derivatives Exchange

15feb(feb 15)12:00 am15mar(mar 15)12:00 amCloverdex Token SaleNEXT GENERATION HYBRID DECENTRALISED EXCHANGE

16feb(feb 16)12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amFortFC Token SaleUNIQUE CRYPTOLIQUIDITY AGGREGATOR

16feb(feb 16)12:00 am24mar(mar 24)12:00 amPoseidon Token SaleOur Future doesn't work, if our planet doesn't work.

18feb(feb 18)12:00 am24apr(apr 24)12:00 amBitwin 2.0 Token SaleNEXT LEVEL: Decentralized DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT

18feb(feb 18)12:00 am19mar(mar 19)12:00 amPledgecamp Token SaleThe Next Generation of Crowdfunding

18feb(feb 18)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amErecoin Token SaleERECOIN • YOUR TICKET TO TRUST

20feb(feb 20)12:00 am20mar(mar 20)12:00 amHashNet BitEco Token SaleEmpowering global enterprises through a decentralized blockchain economy

22feb(feb 22)12:00 am05may(may 5)12:00 amTrade Nexi Token SaleTrade Assets, Crypto & Ideas

23feb(feb 23)12:00 am29mar(mar 29)12:00 amTriipMiles Token SaleAnswer the hardest questions in Travel Industry

25feb(feb 25)12:00 am25aug(aug 25)12:00 amBehaviourExchange Token SaleBecome part of the online revolution!

25feb(feb 25)12:00 am09apr(apr 9)12:00 amaQuest Token SaleCOMPLETE A QUEST & GET PAID


28feb(feb 28)12:00 am24apr(apr 24)12:00 amLivenPay Token SaleSpend and Earn Cryptocurrency Instantly

04mar(mar 4)12:00 am04apr(apr 4)12:00 amDataeum Token SaleThe First Blockchain-based Platform Using Crowdsourcing for Data Generation

08mar(mar 8)12:00 am30jun(jun 30)12:00 amGastro Advisor Token SaleResearch, Recommendation and Booking of Restaurants

09mar(mar 9)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amMilcoin Token SaleA Second Generation Cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain

09mar(mar 9)12:00 am28apr(apr 28)12:00 amAdab Solutions Token SaleThe First Islamic Crypto Exchange

10mar(mar 10)12:00 am09may(may 9)12:00 amDrife Token SaleDRIFE is a nexgen decentralized ride hailing platform

11mar01aprOrvium Token Salesocial platform for scientific collaboration, funding and publications management

11mar(mar 11)12:00 am10may(may 10)12:00 amBitbond Token SaleGet exclusive updates about the first German Security Token Offering (STO)

15mar(mar 15)12:00 am31(mar 31)12:00 amLightstreams Token SalePowering the New Economy of the Distributed Web

15mar(mar 15)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amSolarex Token SaleSolar Energy Blockchain Ecosystem

15mar(mar 15)12:00 am15may(may 15)12:00 amShareMeAll Token Salenew system of exchange and sharing of goods and services

15mar(mar 15)12:00 am30may(may 30)12:00 amBrewery Consortium Token SaleOWN SHARE OF A CRAFT BREWERY

15mar(mar 15)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amRenovato Token SaleInvest and Trade Smarter with Renovato

18mar(mar 18)12:00 am26(mar 26)12:00 amLition Token SaleThe Blockchain Standard for Business

18mar(mar 18)12:00 am18jun(jun 18)12:00 amTalentico Token SaleGlobal decentralized ecosystem where investors make money together with talents

20mar(mar 20)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amHyperionX Token SaleThe Smart Market Ecosystem

21mar(mar 21)12:00 am17apr(apr 17)12:00 amWindhan Energy Token SaleBlockchain-based renewable energy Crowdfunding and trading platform

23mar(mar 23)12:00 am23apr(apr 23)12:00 amSkelpy Token SaleSkelpy ICO: Certified Decentralized Blockchain

25mar(mar 25)12:00 am25may(may 25)12:00 amBlockSafe Token SaleSecuring the Blockchain Ecosystem: Wallets, Exchanges and Private Blockchains

31mar(mar 31)12:00 am30sep(sep 30)12:00 amCurveBlock Token SaleReal Estate Developments & Dividends


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