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november, 2019

11dec(dec 11)12:00 am(dec 11)12:00 amViewo Token SaleA REVOLUTIONARY VIDEO SHARING PLATFORM

20apr(apr 20)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amHyperionX Token SaleThe Smart Market Ecosystem

01may12:00 am16apr(apr 16)12:00 amMultiven Token SaleThe Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM)

15may(may 15)12:00 am11nov(nov 11)12:00 amBehaviourExchange Token SaleBecome part of the online revolution!

07jun(jun 7)12:00 am07dec(dec 7)12:00 amHYGH Token SaleTHE FUTURE OF OUTDOOR ADVERTISING

18jun(jun 18)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amPBET Token SaleThe unification of Three Pillars

23jun(jun 23)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amGOVEARN Token SaleEMPOWERING GROWTH WITH ECONOMIC VALUE

01jul12:38 am31dec(dec 31)12:38 amLinkChain Token SaleSecure Supply Chain Sourcing on the Blockchain

01aug12:00 am30nov(nov 30)12:00 amTwogap Token SaleThriving Crypto Market by Cross-Exchanges and Crypto-Securities

01aug12:00 am14dec(dec 14)12:00 amSecond Life Coin Token SaleSecond Life Coin: Decentralized Help Community


04aug(aug 4)12:00 am04feb(feb 4)12:00 amYachtco Token SaleYachting Marketplace and Charter Ecosystem

25aug(aug 25)12:00 am20dec(dec 20)12:00 amVOSAI Token SaleWe Make AI Simple & Affordable To save you time & Money

01sep12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amAhrvoDEEX Token SaleFuture of Brokerage Transactions

02sep(sep 2)12:00 am30nov(nov 30)12:00 amBitWings Token Sale First cryptocurrency with 100% GUARANTEED emission value.

05sep(sep 5)12:00 am05nov(nov 5)12:00 amNuclus Token SaleThe Next-generation fully inclusive Digital Economy

24sep(sep 24)12:00 am09jan(jan 9)12:00 amTROY Token SaleTROY GOLD TOKEN: Gold You Can Hold

01oct12:00 am01nov11:59 pmStableCoins by Platinum Q DAO Engineering Token SaleThe stable coin which earns money for you

01oct12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amMax Crowdfund Token SaleMax Crowdfund Real-Estate Crowdfunding Platform

01oct12:00 am30nov(nov 30)12:00 amDiscoin Token SaleThe new coin for online shopping. Natively integrated.

01oct12:00 am30nov(nov 30)12:00 amCoinstantine Token SaleMake Your Tokens Distributions Simple.

08oct(oct 8)12:00 am12feb(feb 12)12:00 amFieldcoin Token SaleCreating the first blockchain based land marketplace

10oct(oct 10)12:00 am20dec(dec 20)12:00 amELAD Network Token SaleProperty Transactions on the Blockchain!

11oct(oct 11)12:00 am30nov(nov 30)12:00 amEmjac Token SaleEmpowering DLT towards a Sustainable Future

15oct(oct 15)12:00 am15nov(nov 15)12:00 amMeterQubes Token SaleTrade Digital Assets With An Edge

15oct(oct 15)12:00 am15nov(nov 15)12:00 amKaruschain Token SaleCompliance Peace of Mind for the Global Precious Metals Industry

15oct(oct 15)12:00 am15nov(nov 15)12:00 amDionCoin Token SaleNovel Cryptocurrency Connected to the Existing Point Systems with High Usability

16oct(oct 16)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amMonart Token SaleMonart BRINGS ART TO A NEW ERA

18oct(oct 18)12:00 am18jan(jan 18)12:00 amUCBI Banking Token SaleUCBI Maroc Blockchain Banking Worldwide

19oct(oct 19)12:00 am20nov(nov 20)12:00 amRefine Medium Token Saledecentralised media platform to create an unbiased ecosystem

24oct(oct 24)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 Token SaleFirst & Only Quantum Resistant Ecosystem for the Crypto World

26oct(oct 26)12:00 am10jan(jan 10)12:00 amDACX Token SaleGLOBAL REGULATOR COMPLIANT EXCHANGE PLATFORM

27oct(oct 27)12:00 am27nov(nov 27)12:00 amMineMuse Token SaleMONEY: BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE

28oct(oct 28)12:00 am28nov(nov 28)12:00 amReflexion Lounge Token Salefirst digital currency designed for Lounging-as-a-Lifestyle Community

30oct(oct 30)12:00 am02nov(nov 2)12:00 amMarshal Lion Group Coin Token SaleTokenizing the non-bank lending market

31oct(oct 31)12:00 am30nov(nov 30)12:00 amMONEYPOOL Token SaleMOBILE BLOCKCHAIN GAME

31oct(oct 31)12:00 am15feb(feb 15)12:00 amVectorium Plus Token SaleVectorium. In CryptoEnergy we trust!

31oct(oct 31)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amC Estates Token SaleMaking Real Estate Easy For Everyone

01nov12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amDataeum Token SaleThe First Blockchain-based Platform Using Crowdsourcing for Data Generation

01nov12:00 am31mar(mar 31)12:00 amEndChain Token SaleComplete logistical solution for all markets and supply chains

01nov12:00 am30(nov 30)12:00 amWOX Token SaleHybrid Intelligence Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange & Payment System

01nov12:00 am30(nov 30)12:00 amTycoon Token SaleSocial Crypto Trading. Made Simple

01nov12:00 am30(nov 30)12:00 amBitcollar Token SaleAll-in-one Crypto payment and investment platform

01nov12:00 am30(nov 30)12:00 amGingr Token SaleRevolutionizing The Oldest Industry In The World

01nov12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amCanlead Token SaleShare Jobs . Refer People . Make Money

01nov12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amENOD Token SaleDecentralized web reputation and ad benchmarking ecosystem.

01nov12:00 am21dec(dec 21)12:00 am2local Token Sale2local ICO: Sustainability and Prosperity

01nov12:00 am15(nov 15)12:00 amScopuly Token SaleGlobal Decentralized Crypto Asset Trading

01nov12:00 am30dec(dec 30)12:00 amHawk Network Token SaleDistributed Intelligent IoT Technology Infrastructure

10nov(nov 10)12:00 am10dec(dec 10)12:00 amTexochat Token SaleEasy, fast and safe to send crypto while communicating.

12nov(nov 12)12:00 am24feb(feb 24)12:00 amDiagon Token SaleFuture of eSports

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am27dec(dec 27)12:00 amVIHOR Token Saleconnects you to the world map of recreational sports, groups and events

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am30(nov 30)12:00 amALT-TOP Token SaleAGRICULTURE - TOKEN OWNERSHIP PLATFORM

18nov(nov 18)12:00 am17jul(jul 17)12:00 amEcoStart Token SaleA Global Ecosystem Empowering Environmental Business

20nov(nov 20)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amCARE TOKEN SaleSenior Health Care Utility Token

21nov(nov 21)12:00 am23(nov 23)12:00 amIAT Token SaleProviding Real World Solutions & Utilities

23nov(nov 23)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amNexxus Rewards Token SaleLocal Communities are the Heartbeat of the Nation

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am10jan(jan 10)12:00 amWDX Token SaleBlockchain Agnostic dApp Ecosystem for Exchanges!


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