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december, 2017

21aug(aug 21)12:00 am19dec(dec 19)12:00 amPayperEx Token SaleTHE WORLD'S FIRST ALTERNATIVE SHARE MARKET

21aug(aug 21)2:00 am29dec(dec 29)2:00 amLordmancer II Token Salea mobile free-to-play massively multiplayer online RPG

10sep(sep 10)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amPluscoin Token SaleDECENTRALIZED CASHBACK PLATFORM ON ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN

21sep(sep 21)12:00 am21dec(dec 21)12:00 amAcebusters Token SaleA decentralized poker platform on the Ethereum blockchain

24sep(sep 24)12:00 am24dec(dec 24)12:00 amSalt Coin Token Salecryptocurrency, based on real Salt mining

24oct(oct 24)12:00 am05dec(dec 5)12:00 amQchain Token SaleMarketing and advertising on blockchain technology

26oct(oct 26)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amSpeed Mining Service Token Salediversified virtual currency mining operation

29oct01decLockChain Token Saledecentralized bookings system for renting hotel rooms

01nov12:00 am01dec11:59 pmCrowdholding Token SalePlatform that connects entrepreneurs and the crowd

01nov12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amViso Token SaleMakes Crytptocurrency payments anywhere

01nov12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amRocket ICO Token Salefirst decentralized business accelerator

01nov12:00 am01dec11:59 pmPlaykey Token SaleCloud gaming development through decentralization

01nov12:00 pm01dec11:59 pmRockChain Token SaleRockchain is a distributed data intelligence platform

02nov(nov 2)12:00 am02dec(dec 2)12:00 amSmartlands Token SaleDigital tokens secured by agricultural assets

06nov(nov 6)12:00 am06dec(dec 6)12:00 amSharpe Token SaleInvestment platform that uses AI investment models

06nov(nov 6)12:00 am06dec(dec 6)12:00 amCashaa Token Salefinancial access to the millions of mobile users

06nov(nov 6)12:00 am05dec(dec 5)12:00 amQUOINE’S QASH Token SaleFinancial utility that will benefit the entire crypto economy.

07nov(nov 7)12:00 am07dec(dec 7)12:00 amGeens Token SalePrivacy Focused Document Storage with Timestamping

07nov(nov 7)12:00 am07dec(dec 7)12:00 amWaBi Token Salepurchase products protected by Walimai technology

07nov(nov 7)12:00 am07dec(dec 7)12:00 amLeverj Token Saleplatform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading

08nov(nov 8)12:00 am08dec(dec 8)12:00 amJboxcoin Token SaleVideo Streaming Platform Using Blockchain Technology

08nov(nov 8)12:00 am07dec(dec 7)12:00 amGlobitex GBX Token SaleAn institutional grade Bitcoin exchange

08nov(nov 8)12:00 pm06jan(jan 6)12:00 pmDivi Project Token SaleMass Adoption of Crypto by ordinary people

09nov(nov 9)11:59 pm18jan(jan 18)11:59 pmBetBox Token Saleturn sports betting into an alternative asset class

10nov(nov 10)12:00 am09dec(dec 9)12:00 amMonaize Token Salee-banking platform with integrated services

13nov(nov 13)12:00 am13dec(dec 13)12:00 amRefereum Token Salegamers can make money sharing and playing video games

13nov(nov 13)12:00 am13dec(dec 13)12:00 amJury.Online Token Salehave deal-related disputes resolved by judges

14nov(nov 14)12:00 am30dec(dec 30)12:00 amPresearch Token Saledecentralized search engine powered by the community

14nov(nov 14)12:00 am13dec(dec 13)12:00 amBloom Token SaleDecentralized Credit Scoring

14nov(nov 14)12:00 pm14dec(dec 14)12:00 pmNuggets Token SaleChange the way you buy, login and verify your identity

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amCryptonetix Token SaleNext generation analytics for the cryptocurrency markets

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amDAO IPCI Token Saleautonomous environmental mitigation programs

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am05dec(dec 5)12:00 amAphelion Token SaleA Revolutionary Decentralized P2P Exchange Solution

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15jan(jan 15)12:00 amCrowdPainting Token Saledecentralized social-economic art project

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am14dec(dec 14)12:00 amGoal Bonanza Token SaleFootball Betting Revolution Powered by Blockchain

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amLindaHealthCoin Token SaleArtificial Intelligence and Blockchain for Healthcare

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amFTC Token SaleON-DEMAND RIDE TOKENIZATION PLATFORM FAIR RIDE ON THE BLOCKCHAIN

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amREALISTO Token Salereal estate experts raise capital for projects

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amMDT Token Sale(MDT) & a decentralized data exchange ecosystem

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amDogezer Token Saleentrepreneurs can form their software development teams

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amMilkCoin Token Saleinvest in agricultural production using blockchain technologies

15nov(nov 15)8:00 am25dec(dec 25)8:00 Token is the pioneer of online binary options trading.

15nov(nov 15)9:00 pm15dec(dec 15)9:00 pmLALA World Token Saleall about migrants and their unbanked families

16nov(nov 16)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amTrive Token Saleclarifies Truth through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom

19nov(nov 19)12:00 am19dec(dec 19)12:00 amMirocana Token SaleFIRST AI-POWERED SYSTEM FOR TRANSPARENT INVESTING

19nov(nov 19)12:00 am03dec(dec 3)12:00 amARNA Token SaleFirst Blockchain Biotech Ecosystem

20nov01decFundRequest Token SaleReward bug fixes and feature builds on any project

20nov(nov 20)11:00 pm15dec(dec 15)11:00 pminjii Access Coin Token Saleconnects content creators with charitable organizations

21nov(nov 21)12:00 am21dec(dec 21)12:00 amMarkSpace Token SaleVR-space with crypto economy inside

21nov(nov 21)12:00 am21dec(dec 21)12:00 amSwissBorg Token SaleProfessional wealth management services

21nov(nov 21)12:00 am15dec(dec 15)12:00 amLiveEdu Token Salefirst project learning platform using blockchain smart contracts

21nov(nov 21)12:00 am05dec(dec 5)12:00 amCyberMiles Token SaleDecentralization of Online Marketplaces

22nov(nov 22)12:00 am17dec(dec 17)12:00 amGenie Token SaleTokenized lending exchange for Asia

22nov(nov 22)12:00 am13dec(dec 13)12:00 amModulum Token Saleminiaturized and modular IoT device interfaces with blockchains

22nov(nov 22)12:00 am08dec(dec 8)12:00 amMobius Token SaleBridge old internet with decentralized internet

24nov(nov 24)12:00 am22dec(dec 22)12:00 amFortKnoxster Token SaleFortKnoxster is a cyber-security company

24nov(nov 24)12:00 am24dec(dec 24)12:00 amBitnation Token SaleA decentralized market for legal services

24nov(nov 24)12:00 am24dec(dec 24)12:00 amCovesting Token SaleWhere successful digital asset managers meet new investors

25nov(nov 25)12:00 am25dec(dec 25)12:00 amAnkorus Token SaleBuy traditional assets with cryptocurrency

25nov(nov 25)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amLinker Coin Token SaleInter-transaction tools between various economic networks

26nov(nov 26)12:00 am26jan(jan 26)12:00 amCoinLoan Token SaleCoinLoan: Loans secured by cryptoassets

26nov(nov 26)12:00 am26dec(dec 26)12:00 amCanYa Token SaleThe World’s Best Blockchain-Powered Marketplace of Services

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am24dec(dec 24)12:00 amOpporty Token SaleService-focused, knowledge-sharing business platform

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am17dec(dec 17)12:00 amAngel Token Salecreate wealth in the crypto markets

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am27dec(dec 27)12:00 amKinesis Token SaleNot only do we believe in dreams, but we work to make them come true

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am26jan(jan 26)12:00 amFeaturedJibrel Network Token Saledigitization of traditional assets on the blockchain

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am22dec(dec 22)12:00 amHdac Token Saleworld's 1st IoT Contract & Payment Platform based on Blockchain

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am17dec(dec 17)12:00 amVLB Token SaleThe 1st Global Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am15jan(jan 15)12:00 amSynthium Health Token SaleTransforming Healthcare Supply Chain… One Member at a Time

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am22dec(dec 22)12:00 amSola Token Saledecentralized social network, spreads posts like virus

27nov(nov 27)12:00 am25dec(dec 25)12:00 amINS Ecosystem Token Salethe first global decentralized grocery marketplace

27nov(nov 27)2:49 pm26feb(feb 26)2:49 pmHoqu Token SaleHOQU - The world's first Decentralized Affiliate Platform

28nov(nov 28)12:00 am11dec(dec 11)12:00 amWala Financial Token SalePowering financial services in emerging markets

28nov(nov 28)12:00 am19dec(dec 19)12:00 amForeground Token Salerevolutionize the way affiliate marketing is done

28nov01janNeuromation Token SalePlatform will use distributed computing

28nov(nov 28)12:00 am13feb(feb 13)12:00 amStoriqa Token SaleGlobal marketplace for a local business

29nov(nov 29)12:00 am29dec(dec 29)12:00 amKarma Token Saleopen community for the creation of social and economic relations

29nov(nov 29)12:00 am20dec(dec 20)12:00 amindaHash Token Saleconnects influencers with global brands

30nov(nov 30)12:00 am30dec(dec 30)12:00 amMad Network Token SaleThe Future of Programmatic Advertising

01dec12:00 am16jan(jan 16)12:00 amZabercoin Token SaleAn Asset Backed Cryptocurrency

01dec12:00 am31(dec 31)12:00 amFreedom Token SaleA Safe, Secure, & Anonymous Live Streaming Platform


04dec(dec 4)12:00 am04jan(jan 4)12:00 amSatoshi Token SaleMake the largest regional craft brewery in the north-west of Russia

05dec(dec 5)12:00 am24(dec 24)12:00 amARTEX Token Salerecords the provenance of works of art in the blockchain

05dec(dec 5)12:00 am19jan(jan 19)12:00 amDüber Token SaleEfficient measurement and incentive system

07dec(dec 7)12:00 am06jan(jan 6)12:00 amNarrative Token SaleNarrative ICO THE WORLD'S JOURNAL

10dec(dec 10)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amCREDITS Token Saleblockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency

10dec(dec 10)12:00 am10jan(jan 10)12:00 amFlying Money Token SaleFLYING MONEY — WORLD’S FIRST ERC20 USD, JPY, EUR, GBP

11dec(dec 11)12:00 am11jan(jan 11)12:00 amTelcoin Token SaleFinancial inclusion for a mobile world

11dec(dec 11)12:00 am30(dec 30)12:00 amFluzFluz Token SaleGet premier seats in the first global consumer network

12dec(dec 12)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amCaviar Token Saleaccess to a diversified basket of real estate and cryptocurrencies

13dec(dec 13)12:00 am15jan(jan 15)12:00 amAppCoins Token Saledesigned to revolutionise the App Economy

13dec(dec 13)12:00 am13jan(jan 13)12:00 amLendoit Token SaleThe Next Generation of P2P Lending Platforms


14dec(dec 14)12:00 am31jan(jan 31)12:00 amBeluga Pay Token SaleFirst Complete Mobile Point of Sale System

15dec(dec 15)12:00 am30(dec 30)12:00 amAidCoin Token SaleICO AidCoin Building Charity’s Future

15dec(dec 15)12:00 am16jan(jan 16)12:00 amFIC Network Token SaleFixed Income Infrastructure for Blockchain Assets

15dec(dec 15)12:00 am29(dec 29)12:00 amCryptics Token Saleforcasting platform for the cryptocurrency market

25dec(dec 25)12:00 am12jan(jan 12)12:00 amChainium Token SaleChainum ICO: Equity Market Reinvented


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