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A cryptocurrency index made up of the 50 most popular tokens based on market cap. The index is made up exclusively of tokens (not currencies) in order to better represent the health of the ICO and token market.

Avg Token Price: $2.60

Change from yesterday’s close: 3.87%
The price of $2.60 represents the average price of token in the Coinist 50 index.

24 Hour Price Change: 3.18%
24 Hour Avg Volume: 611802132
Avg Market Cap: 611038916


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april, 2019

No Events


april, 2019

19apr(apr 19)12:00 am30may(may 30)12:00 amGrabity Token SaleNew Paradigm of the Internet

19apr(apr 19)12:00 am18jul(jul 18)12:00 amBlueshare Token SaleA next-generation, Swiss, trusted, secure, Blockchain liquid, digitalized investment

19apr(apr 19)12:00 am06aug(aug 6)12:00 amHCX PAY Token SaleA Privacy-Preserving Marketplace and Payment Network

20apr(apr 20)12:00 am10may(may 10)12:00 amSmilo Token SaleThe HYBRID BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM with a conscience

20apr(apr 20)12:00 am20may(may 20)12:00 amLetsTrip Token SaleGlobal social project based on blockchain technology

20apr(apr 20)12:00 am28jun(jun 28)12:00 amBither Token SaleNew Eco-Friendly and Layered Decentralized Economy

20apr(apr 20)12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amWeave Token SaleWEAVE, THE UNIVERSAL CRYPTOCURRENCY FOR VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY

20apr(apr 20)12:00 am31dec(dec 31)12:00 amHyperionX Token SaleThe Smart Market Ecosystem

22apr(apr 22)12:00 am05aug(aug 5)12:00 amFarm2Kitchen Token SaleFood Delivery Just Got Smarter!

23apr(apr 23)12:00 am30(apr 30)12:00 amCryptobuyer Token SaleA Fully Working Crypto Ecosystem

24apr(apr 24)12:00 am26(apr 26)12:00 amMatic Token SaleScalable and instant blockchain transactions

25apr(apr 25)12:00 am29(apr 29)12:00 amElrond Network Token SaleThe user-friendly blockchain for deploying programmable money and unstoppable applications


april, 2019

01nov12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amEmusic Token SaleRedefining Music Distribution Through Blockchain

05nov(nov 5)12:00 am28apr(apr 28)12:00 amTheFund.io Token SaleINVESTING TRADITIONS IN TECHNOLOGIES

15nov(nov 15)12:00 am30jun(jun 30)12:00 amBitCanna Token SaleHave a look at what the future of cannabis payments is going to be.

11dec(dec 11)12:00 am(dec 11)12:00 amViewo Token SaleA REVOLUTIONARY VIDEO SHARING PLATFORM

15jan(jan 15)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amIPUX Token SaleIPUX: Transforming Tomorrow, Today.

15jan01sepAzultec Token SaleThe easiest way to earn crypto currencies


26jan(jan 26)12:00 am25may(may 25)12:00 amPetchains Token SaleThe World’s 1st Pets Short Video Platform

12feb(feb 12)12:00 am30apr(apr 30)12:00 amCoinware Token Salea free and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform

15feb(feb 15)12:00 am15may(may 15)12:00 amidap.io Token SaleThe First Complete Crypto Derivatives Exchange

16feb(feb 16)12:00 am31jul(jul 31)12:00 amFortFC Token SaleUNIQUE CRYPTOLIQUIDITY AGGREGATOR


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