Securix sells more than 3 Million SRXIO tokens during private presale Reached Soft Cap During Private Pre-Sale, Public Crowd Sale Approaching on September 27, 2018

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Securix – A token driven mining organization is satisfied to declare that they have officially sold more than 3 Million SRXIO tokens amid their private presale!

With their private presale finishing without further ado and open sale quick drawing nearer, we should take a look at what makes, a token driven mining organization, such an intriguing blockchain venture:

A detached month to month salary from a 45% gross income share from all mined Bitcoins. A solid takeoff from conventional mining activities which tend to share only net after overhead profit with financial specialists the vulnerability of ROI is removed as unexpected costs and overhead won’t affect the net benefit.

Securix is token driven mining, not cloud mining. While cloud mining has turned out to be prevalent, it by and large gives just a 28-multi day get that ends if the task isn’t productive. Cloud mining powers clients to remain current by constantly reinvesting to keep their hash rates focused. In the interim, the SRXIO token of has NO lapse and can’t be dropped as it is using the Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contract output distribution model. It offers a more supportable long haul speculation potential. Where Securix is mining Bitcoin, it is making payments in Ethereum. It very well may be put away and exchanged utilizing
Ethereum good wallets and trades. Moreover, the token framework rewards token holders with regularly scheduled payments.

The asset-backed SRXIO token shields speculators from the wild value instability inside the crypto markets. Physical resources will back the SRXIO token as the equipment used to drive the mining tasks.

Founder and Chief Operations Officer, Damian Strauss expressed “ has made the SRXIO token, with a gross income share! The SRXIO token is a safe mining token, because of the organization save plan set-up which enables us to be profoundly maintainable.

At, we believe that profitability, sustainability and responsibility can all go together at a time.

Securix has started a Company Reserve. Valuing its long-haul objective, is putting aside the underlying 10% of its month to month income as a reserve. The contingency reserve guarantees that all tasks of the startup perform ideally paying little heed to economic situations. This methodology covers token holders from short-term market stuns in that the save goes about as a defensive defend.

Notwithstanding the Company Reserve, Securix will start two venture methodologies:

⦁ Token Buy-Back

Tokens will be repurchased from the market at a cost contingent upon the economic situations. These tokens will then be scorched. The token pool amount will then be diminishing importance month to month net income will be bigger as it is presently isolated over a littler token pool.

⦁ Mining Hardware Purchase

In the event that the Bitcoin cost is good, at that point an expansion in net income can be normal. The token esteem is secured by a large number of mining machines running at the Netherlands office. New equipment will be obtained to expand creation.

The SRXIO is transparent. So as are the benefits to the Token Holders.

• A Token Driven Mining System

• Decentralised energy purchase – EAN-2-EAN

• Asset-Backed Tokens

• The Company Reserve

• Its Token Buy Back and Mining Hardware Purchase Investment strategies …are just some of the many reasons Securix SRXIO should be here to stay.

Contact :

Damian Strauss

[email protected]

License: 47001024,

PO 16051, Al
Mamourah street, Al Nakheel, North Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates


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