The Salient Features Of Ripa Exchange Platform

Ripa Exchange is a hybrid decentralized blockchain enable crypto asset marketplace which facilitates the industry standards for sharing liquidity between cryptocurrency assets and marketplace.

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In a world where cryptocurrency has created a wave of transformation in the financial market, it is imperative to safeguard the crypto enthusiasts and pave the way for an enhance cryptocurrency trading by leveraging a reliable exchange platform. Ripa Exchange is a hybrid decentralized blockchain enable crypto asset marketplace which facilitates the industry standards for sharing liquidity between cryptocurrency assets and marketplace. The primary vision of Ripa Exchange platform is to promote shared source code required for wallets and exchanges in the digital token industry. Furthermore with the aid of a stable, reliable, and open source exchange platform, this will enable correct decision making while transacting with tokens, thereby ensuring the success of the project.

Cryptocurrency is now the buzzword of the global financial market. Several crypto enthusiasts are taking active participation in digital asset trading, but several fraudulent exchange platforms and hackers are interrupting the transactions. Thus there is an ardent need for an exchange platform which is transparent and leverages on the open-source mechanism. It is where Ripa Exchange platform aptly fits in.

The features of Ripa Exchange platform

Open Source

Ripa Exchange which functions on the open source mechanism is a hybrid decentralized blockchain enabled exchange platform that offers customizable cryptocurrency exchange solutions. The platform with open source can easily connect to KYC/AML, authentication ETL/reporting, and other services.

KYC Verification

The ARK blockchain empowered cryptocurrency exchange platform leverages KYC verification to enable transparency in a network. The Ripa Exchange platform meets the international KYC/AML requirements under which it efficient submits and exchanges KYC information for reaching the banking supervisory standards. Further, the crypto asset marketplace as well complies with Customer Due Diligence requirements.

Transparent & Configurable

The Ripa Exchange platform offers customization according to user requirement. It has features embedded in the source code which incorporates log-in interference, proper registration, personalized deposit and withdrawal procedure, etc. These are ready to use full features that require no added work.


One of the salient features of this blockchain based crypto asset marketplace is that it enables users to view Ripa Exchange in language which is most convenient for them. The platform supports the use of official words along with several regional ones for facilitating users to operate in their mother tongue.

Proof of Solvency

Ripa Exchange platform leverages easily deployable Proof of Solvency (PoS) which will allow the users of the platform to verify the solvency of the Ripa Ex based on the crypto exchange, without compromising the privacy of the users.


A viable option for easy currency configuration is what makes Ripa Exchange unique. The platform encourages multiple accounts and trading in various cryptocurrencies. With this crypto exchange platform, trading across the globe has become hassle-free. There are as well multi-account users of Ripa Exchange platform. The platform enables users to create multiple login accounts on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and FIDO Alliance to secure the report.

Enterprise Exchange

The platform encourages small-scale trader to trade on this open-source platform and grow big. The platform enables enterprise exchange features which incorporate using high-performance machine language, SMS 2-factor authentications, and scalable distributed worker threads.

Functional & Intuitive

Ripa Exchange platform is open to all—for the ones who are new and as well the experienced users. The platform offers a clean, user-friendly registration and login interface. Besides, there is a personalized deposit and withdraw procedure along with an in-built proof of solvency audit.

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